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  1. Wizzy

    Clash Of Clans

    Better be we are almost full lol
  2. I would wait until SCUM has some more updates and releases more content, At the moment I have over 30 hours of playtime on SCUM and there isn't a large amount of stuff to do, Kinda just run around loot die repeat. And even if you are looted up still your just roaming around doing not a lot.
  3. Wizzy

    Clash Of Clans

    Crown Wars About Crown Wars Crown Wars was established 13/12/2015 we are a level 6 clan about to reach level 7 with a mainly Australian / New Zealend player base, we are always accepting active donating players who are th6 and above, But for the next couple of weeks we will be accepting anyone from OzzyGaming, Just simply write "OzzyGaming" in your join request What We Offer * Active & Endless donations relevant to your timezone! * Plenty & Plenty of war! * Well established level 6 clan * Experienced Leaders * Gold League Clan League * Max Tier Clan Games! Simply Write "OzzyGaming" In your join request REGARDLESS of your level and you will be accepted!
  4. Wizzy


    Hello Everyone! Some may, and some may not already know who I am, I ran a Cartel on Arma 3 for 4 years, Not exactly on OzzyGamings old Arma 3 server but it still got around, My name is James I have been gaming on PC for around 8 years now and loved every moment of it, recently I moved over to FiveM and started my own little organization and currently loving the game and all the amazing roleplay involved in it, Always have something to do it's fantastic! If Anyone is ever looking to have a chat or catch up/get to know me just shoot a message to me over the forums or my discord is Wizzy#3694
  5. Played Altis Life for around 2k hours, great game mode but so much competition with other servers
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