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  1. vSeltic


    Wow thank you justin, big help
  2. Fricking awesome job feels great to be apart of it 🤩
  3. Today marks my 2 years with Ozzygaming and also my girlfriends birthday 😉
  4. Yeah ive been in need of some mates too chuck me a add on discord and we will see what happens vseltic#7692
  5. Or as they say find them out in roleplay 🤫
  6. vSeltic


    thanks stranger good to be back
  7. vSeltic


    Hey everyone the names Garry Puff! (In Game) Been a member of the community for awhile before the few resets that happend a lot of glitches which made me lose my money and cars which made me stop playing, Couple of days ago i thought i'd check out how the server is going and really enjoying it, going to be looking for some people to play with so HMU on the discord ill be on just DM me
  8. Can bans/warns be removed after a certain amount of time? or are they stuck there
  9. best car seller and really nice person
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