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Molotov's Retirement

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I will truly miss you molotov knowing you back from when we were both inducted into staff together ive got to know you well, while we don't talk much now days I will always consider you my friend and will truly cherish all you have taught me to becoming a better staff member and better person in general because as much as I meme that I taught you all you know about staff I wouldn't be half the staff member I am today if it wasn't your influence on my time at ozzy. Dont worry i have plenty of shit memes to send you.

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aye mate il never forget the day u banned me for crosshair i thought gaming was gone forever and then i waited a month and came back to a great server and never used a crosshair again!!! :) And shout out to @Listo@lunaei@Surp@soleKEFSthey really made my journey a successful one hopefully i can make it back to the server soon with @Wrathand his sunday church really made my week a blessed what a good guy he is!!!! But anyways i think it is time for me to stop talking and i wish u all the best mate your a good bloke. F*ck B*tchs Get Money!! Thank me later bro you will be in a Maxxed C63 Coupe asap buddy.

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