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  1. Welcome to OzzyGaming! Here's a little guide we made that might help you out https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SrHFDyxi2-E91OkvbaSfc13YloFExLlYmnW4yzllemA/edit Otherwise, jump on our discord like Zaydan suggested. Our community and staff are happy to help
  2. Changed Beta Release to No
  3. Changed Beta Release to Yes
  4. This update is a large one and as such a standalone post has been made that has all of the information that you can find here
  5. Welcome back mate! Reach out if there is anything that you're unfamiliar with or need some assistance on
  6. Suc it 2 ma tete SFH


  7. Hey guys, my name is Silverback, I'm new to the community.
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