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  1. Me thinks anyone saying no to all are the ones using overlay
  2. can we please talk about my ban

  3. I think it would be cool if both dealers had some key cars they had advertised in a post on the forums. could be specials ect.... like I could lower the cost price for 2-3 days for certain cars
  4. In a perfect world sure. it takes about 30 seconds to verify the transaction and change the steamID on the car. so we cool.
  5. Hmm, Do you think it should?
  6. From the 23/05/2018 I will be supporting Used Car Sales How it works. You make a post following a template in the marketplace Interested parties can ask questions and make offers Once money changes hand in the game you reply to your topic with the name of the person who bought it. Transfer of ownership will take between 10 minutes to 24 hours based on time of day and how busy we are. Simple Conditions Do not scam, we have logs of all transactions of money and it will not be tolerated in this circumstance. Do not attempt to sell a car you do not own (again we know all) The transaction must happen in the game, in RP and expect to negotiate its a way of life. The template For sale: R34 Skyline (For sale/Want to buy) Plate: 4432G56E Colour: Blue with green pearl FullUpgrades: Yes/No Cosmetics: Yes/No Description: Something funny if you want. Price: $600000 Photos 3 max Contact Info Name: Bob Caldwell Number: 728304
  7. Caldweld

    Hi all!

    Hi End0 was that FiveM or Arma 3? Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
  8. Caldweld


    Hi all, I'm pretty much the bilge pump operator of the ozzygaming ship and I vow to keep it afloat.
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