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  1. No longer works at JCS *NOTE*

  2. Im in TEAMSPEAK JCS Channel, MSG me so we can talk.

  3. Hello, welcome to OzzyGaming :D

    1. Carl G

      Carl G

      @SINS Thank you for the warm welcome.


      Carl "Cypher D" GOsline


  4. SINS

    Hello I'm irish!

    Hello, welcome to OzzyGaming
  5. Can you please check out my JCS performance application and get back to me soon. Cheers

  6. Welcome to the OzzyGaming Forums Quang
  7. Hi, Welcome to OzzyGaming. :D

  8. SINS

    Welcome to OzzyGaming I hope you enjoy your time here. :D

  9. Hi welcome to OzzyGaming :D

    1. SPoCKDaddy


      Cheers champ! Glad to be amongst it all!

  10. Hi Welcome to OzzyGaming Gdusty  :D

  11. Hi Welcome to OzzyGaming :D

  12. YES OR NO I think yes it looks amazing for an FPS game https://store.steampowered.com/app/717690/OVERKILLs_The_Walking_Dead/
  13. SINS


    YES OR NO?? http://pollmaker.vote/p/L504WS5F https://store.steampowered.com/app/517630/Just_Cause_4/
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