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  1. Hi CrowlezTV, Welcome to our community! Make sure you have thought out a good in depth back story for you character, this helps you when you starting meeting people as you can provide some details about your life (rp) and give your character some substance. Get around the local businesses is a great way to meet people, and learn about our "city" If you have any questions about rules or advise feel free to utilize our helpdesk system in teamspeak, as staff, we are here to help.
  2. What's goodie guys, recently got into streaming and really enjoying it, come follow the stories of Dr JJ as he tries to save this city one tippy at a time, Izzy Isles as his finds his way through this life with HoZ & Chester Westwood a friendly police officer from the deep south. https://www.twitch.tv/wrathskitchen
  3. Awesome Cause! - Headspace doing great things for Australia during COVID
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