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    Yo!! Hey everyone im Hobzy , Also known as T-BONE & Anthony Perish content creator here for OzzyGaming New on the scene ready to bring in some positive vibes to the community You can find me @ twitch.tv/Hobzy streaming from 5pm-late monday/tuesday/thursday/friday stream some weekends but not all I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you in the future !!! PEACE OUT Hobzy
  2. hobzy's Court Booking Application ID #5950 Submitted on 07/20/20 at 10:47:14 PM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name Hobzy ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Anthony Perish ---------------------- Defendant Name ( not provided) ---------------------- Claim I recieved a Speeding ticket on Route to Sandy Shores Repairs. The issuing officer of the ticket would not provide physical evidence as proof of why he was booking me. i had my limiter set and i know i was not speeding. unless he can provide physical evidence in court i would like this thrown out please .
  3. will this be reviewed any time soon?


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