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  1. Hello DjWizNZ, Welcome to OzzyGaming. If you need any help from our staff, Make sure to either create a support ticket here, make a /report in game or ask in the OzzyGaming Discord #support channel. If you haven't already, Please take a read of our rules. I wish you the best of luck while playing on our server! Kind Regards, Dream OzzyGaming FiveM Administrator | Business Owner
  2. Justin, This was from months ago.
  3. Welcome back! We hope to see you back in and around the city. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #support in our OzzyGaming discord, Join our teamspeak server (ts.ozzy.life) or make an in game /report. Regards, Dream - OzzyGaming Administrator
  4. Welcome mate, Hope you enjoy your stay in the city!
  5. +1 proper gamer

  6. +1 For Crosshair Implementation If the majority decide to not have crosshairs, People will either way use third party devices/software to either get a crosshair or gain an advantage. To stop people arguing the fact of crosshair all the time, I think it'd be better to add them so there is a level playing field, Instead of scummy players having an advantage. Either way, If people have a shit shot, A crosshair doesn't guarantee instant headshots. However, It is important to mention that taking the L is part of roleplay, And I feel that is the number one issue that players face accepti
  7. Good Stuff mate, Great tutorial!
  8. Hello and welcome to the Island, I hope you enjoy your yourself! Make sure to read the Ozzygaming rules, and go by them. Best of luck and enjoy yourself!
  9. Hey mate, Welcome to Ozzygaming, I hope personally you enjoy your time here. There are quite a few good ways to make money, Trucking and Landscaping being the best Non whitelisted jobs currently. Or, You are able to apply for a Job as a Mechanic, Car Dealer, Bartender etc. Best of luck
  10. -1 Just be more harsh on people not using ooc correctly.
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