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First Time Roleplaying - It's Fun

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Hi everyone, My IC is Kumar Patari, i've been playing for a couple of days now and made some good contacts and friends already via rp which has been alot of fun, it's been a bit of a task getting used to all the keybinds, and setting oneself up in the city. But i've been doing a little job grinding here and there and also rp'ing when i can with others as much as i can. Had a couple of people already RDM my character for no reason with no rp but i guess you get that now and again. I'll be streaming my gameplay to twitch just in case more rulebreakers can be booted from ruining the experience this server brings. Thanks admins, mods, and everyone.

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Hello DjWizNZ,

Welcome to OzzyGaming.

If you need any help from our staff, Make sure to either create a support ticket here, make a /report in game or ask in the OzzyGaming Discord #support channel.

If you haven't already, Please take a read of our rules.

I wish you the best of luck while playing on our server!

Kind Regards,

OzzyGaming FiveM Administrator | Business Owner

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