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  1. This may be old but f**k this is useful thank you sir!
  2. Hey back with another Guide for NSW Official Sirens & Gun Sound PACK. As Always if this helps you and you enjoy these Tips and Guides then give me a +1 With a #QAWSFORSUPPORT in the Comments. DOWNLOAD THIS PACK!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.nz/file/u7Q2hC4D#uxJxy_BuNbWgeZH2T_XyKmHBNUau0C-w6LJcXxVeAG8 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. If your looking to hear people While Tabbed out, this is a TIP on how to FIX this cause i know some people are Wondering How to FIX THIS ISSUE. Go to SETTINGS > AUDIO > SECOND TO LAST: TURN MUTE AUDIO ON FOCUS LOSS > "OFF" Boom you can now hear people while your tabbed out, Hope this helped some of you out . Also if this helped you #QAWSFORSUPPORT as i will provide more TIPS to HELP the community out.
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