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  1. Nick's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info Discord: vote_no#1947 | Steam: (Scott Morrison) https://steamcommunity.com/id/2ndsspanzerdivision/ -------------------- Character Name Arthur Jones -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? I wish to become a magistrate as I have a deep interest and enthusiasm in the law and legal matters - I have read many books and have been in court a bit - I am aware of the conduct that a magistrate has to conform to and I have an excellent knowledge of subject matter required to fill the role of magistrate. Just a quick side-note, I have also practised as a lawyer several times. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? I believe the role of the magistrate is to listen to all evidence presented at the committal hearing in court - and then make an impartial (unbiased) decision as to what happens to the accused whether it be imprisonment or a fine/warning - it must based purely on evidence. I believe the role also entails not taking matters lightly as taking an individuals liberty away from them or financially 'damaging' them is a serious matter that warrants an extensive process in court. "Innocent until proven guilty"
  2. Nick's SantosRP Police Aplication Application ID #4315 Submitted on 12/10/19 at 10:17:36 AM ---------------------- What is your RP name? James Morrison ---------------------- What is your Discord name and tag? vote_no#1947 ---------------------- What is your Steam64 ID? 76561198352990169 ---------------------- What is your current server playtime? N/a ---------------------- Do you have any past police experience? If so briefly describe. Sergeant in FiveM - callsign [S3-12] ---------------------- Why would you like to join the Rockford Police Force? I would like to join the Rockford PD as I want to clean up the streets of New Exton and ensure the safety of all law abiding citizens ---------------------- What can you bring to the Rockford Police Force? I can bring my knowledge from the city of Los Santos as I was there for a couple of years. ---------------------- Do you have any references from the Police Force? [C1-01] Curtis Smith
  3. Nick


    Hello everyone, I guess im returning to ozzy since it is now back up. I was here back in early 2018. thanks .
  4. Nick

    Hi i'm Nick

    Back on Ozzy after a couple months of not being on.
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