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  1. as I have stated I feel like there is a need for a better introduction into the server, Make it easier for new comers to pick up the same aspects as roleplay as everyone does, Give them more to branch out with, I feel like the community and staff need to take more action on enforce better but fairer role-play either through enforce rules to a full extent including that fact that rules are rules and there shouldn't be negotiation or biased opinions towards a certain group which could either improve of decrease there punishment. The community is struggling and has been for several months. Serious roleplay needs to be enforced either within the casual limits or flip to serious roleplay as whole.
  2. There is only such an extent a circle can goto to try to set a good standard and a good example, There is only so much roleplay a group or circle of people can have before it becomes bland and repetitive. When several times I myself or groups of people have tried to step out of that circle it always results in trips to HD and among other things brings toxic roleplay into the mix. My issue stands that it is difficult for new players and the new environment to mix with the old/OG scene of Ozzy, They have two very seperate roles of roleplay and I understand we are a casual rp server but our roleplay aspect from my eyes is slowly fading and is become one certain circle on repetitive roleplay. Furthermore even if we are a casual island there is still an expected standard for role-play we can still be considered a casual roleplay enviroment but enforce a higher standard. From my hours and time of role-playing the amount of rule breaches is become more and more immense with the influx of new players.
  3. Over the last couple of months there has been a large influx of new players due to both the Epic Games free release and the overall popularity of FiveM as a whole due to GTA Online being absolutely demolished by its player-base. With the influx of these new players who have been given the bare minimum introduction into the island and normally find themselves stuck with Drug running,landscaping or robbing people and with the introduction they get into the island there role-play skills are very toxic with a large percentage not understanding how the rules and roles of role-play function, In turn these turns a massive part of the island into toxic role-play with consistent rule-breakers and role-play that normally forces people into help desk. I feel like Ozzygaming needs to at least test some form of serious role-play or enforce more serious roleplay and give new players an better introduction into how role-play should be conducted. A lot of new players have barely read or not even read the rules. Which in turn sometimes leads to them getting banned and or ruining other peoples role-play experiences. There are several times I have witnessed VDM/RDM/FAILRP on accounts to people who are new to the island and haven't read or understand how Ozzy's role-play is conducted. I turn this causing many hard time players to become fed up with the constant toxic role-play and have to avoid large amount of potential role-play due to majority of the time turning into toxic. Role-play has become repetitive as there is a strong player-base that follows the guidelines of Rob/Kill/Steal/Landscape and repeat leaving Organisation and hard time role-players with no role-play or no organised serious role-play to be had without ending up in a negative light on both sides. It is difficult for so many role-players in the island to find good non toxic role-play in this stage of Ozzy as most of it ends up with one side breaking the rules or it being taken OOC and ending up in help-desk. We have had rules that have tried to resolve these issues but staff are always outnumbered and from my eyes find it difficult to mass enforce these rules. I would like Ozzy to consider enforcing or testing a more serious roleplay enviroment as I, and many other of the Ozzygaming community feel that it would benefit this island massively. I would like to hear everyone's opinions on this. Thanks; Sharpie
  4. I feel like a move into serious rp would benefit so many people. +1
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