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  1. you could make it so the TFR chat isn't one you can see into until you join, and you automatically get moved in their so that would get rid of the massive ts channel
  2. +1 go carts needed, tactical command vehicle
  3. could always just add TFR, makes declaring so much more fun, yelling from 150m away for someone to stop moving is good fun
  4. Lack of people and friends stopped playing the server, oh and barry
  5. - make sure there is NOS - Rent on Houses for when online
  6. dutton its a joke from back when foxy had the channel, that was what his name was under from memory
  7. hey the one person with the only name as weird as ODDODODODOD is back
  8. IRL requirments

    Sweet, i look forward to playing it, but im now a ho, dam
  9. By this i mean make it so that you have to work for your money, i know there are alot of servers that have this including some of the major ones. You could implement a food and water system like what we had in Arma where you have to eat and drink to stay alive and have the possibility to buy houses/apartments and cars so that you cant spawn in ones and store them
  10. staff improved, Yes, Server pop, ahh dunno bout dat one
  11. yes... i know... ill just go back to malden....