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  1. Exile is an Arma 3 mod, which basically DayZ on Arma
  2. I haven't been really active with this whole FiveM thing for OzzyGaming but from what i've seen in the forum posts @Bendacat has made some threads of how to do certain jobs in the server so if you join the TS (ts3.ozzygaming.com) and try to talk to him or one of the other staff members i'm sure they are happy to help you.
  3. Yeah look Pedro will stay Senior Pub slot thanks
  5. Still have the issue of in proper declarations and when taken to help desk there is no evidence because the person does not have recording device, which is just replacing direct communications for no reason. Although it will be fun, its also a pain to download, set up and play. Lastly, people don't want to join a server and have to download things, yeah sure its a small download people still just want to jump on and begin Rping.
  6. OzzyGaming has always been a Vanilla Server, and the reason going Modded is not a good idea is to just look at most modded servers in Australia, they tend to only last a few months and people cannot be stuffed to download mods, but instead they can join straight onto Ozzy and RP (Start Gun fights).
  7. Much Appreciated to have such positive feedback from a loyal customer. Remember to tell your friends, tell your family. PedMows Peaches the best peaches in Altis
  8. A medic is not there best when they are hungry
  9. SerValence, Pedro tried to sell you some of Altis best peaches but you turned Pedro down
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, it comes with great sadness to report that today we lost two very brave officers who risked their lives to keep all the civilians of Altis safe and protected during these dark times. As respect to their famines i will not be naming these officers but many of you know who i am talking about. At 2:50Am north of Kavala near the mod shop, two officers were responding to situation where two armed gunmen were spotted trying to pull over on coming vehicles to steal them and to chop shop these vehicles for a profit. Luckily no civilians were found to be victims to these criminals, but as the Officer X and Y proceeded to rock up to the situation they started to take shots from the top story of the building, unfortunately the two officers were not able to react in time and swerved into the building causing them to pass away. I ask all officers from the Altis Police force to come back from any sick leave or holiday leave that they are on URGENTLY. Because the civilians of Altis need you, Pedro Lopez needs you to help stop this crime wave of criminals. Because these two criminals who killed our fellow officers (our friends and some saw as family) are still out there causing chaos in the streets. PLEASE OFFICERS STAND UP AND COME BACK TO PROTECT OUR STREETS ONCE AGAIN. If that is not enough to convince you then here is the images after the bloody situation has ended. https://imgur.com/Wb5JgRV https://imgur.com/u6MVC8N
  11. Good to see you back Cam, and Pedro would also like to see Ozzy return to its former glory since we seem to have many people interested to have it come back.
  12. I do like this idea, makes people have to join the server and do something with that gear. Can say in RP it is the Repo men taking possession of your belongings to pay for rent and bills back to the government.