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  1. From reviving Pedro in a federal reserve when the police told him not too To stealing Pedro's from inside PD itself and stealing Pedro's organs just to pay for his sons school fees Cryptic was many things and Pedro was appreciative that he was the one to know him RIP Cryptic may the life bring you many patients to save and organs to harvest <3 <3
  2. Good call, once tried to run away from fed with gold bars but instead of tasing me, @JJFromTheWest shot me in the head, what a merciless ruler <3 <3
  4. Exile is an Arma 3 mod, which basically DayZ on Arma
  5. Good to see you back Cam, and Pedro would also like to see Ozzy return to its former glory since we seem to have many people interested to have it come back.
  6. G'day from Mexico, Legal and Illegal Immigrants Pedro is back and hopefully coming back to play the new servers (Keen for Exile to come back) and is ready to run from the Immigration Police throughout Altis (Life Server), Tanoa (Exile Server) and also Los Santos (FiveM Server). Also, If anyone has seen Juan he was last seen at the docks near Neochori in Altis with an officer by the name of @Infinity, Pedro thought they were going for a boat ride but Juan was the only one that got onto the boat and was sent heading south. If found a free Pedro Certified Lawn Mower and home made Taco by Pedro himself will be given as a reward. Cheers Pedro Lopez *Insert random bullshit titles here*
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