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  1. - Listening to orders well *COUGH* MASON *COUGH*
  2. and also the bounty hunters would most likely make their money from selling their guns even if not allowed and not hunting for bounties so if they did add this they would have to have very strict rules and people making sure they are not selling guns
  3. the lack of players is definitely the main problem due to nobody wants to waste their time on a server that no one plays cause there's just no point obviously there are the other problems but those can be fixed even without a player base the server was great when there was usually 40-50 players cause there was a lot of action to happen i believe that we need the players to make the action to make the fun.
  4. this would be a very nice feature on civ but i don't know how it would go in the rp way as in real life to be a bounty hunter u need a license and to inform the police you are doing so and if u just went round looking for bounties everyone would be killed just for money so if this was added i believe that it would be added later once there is enough people on the server.
  5. i was just wondering how the police ranks would work if we got all of our previous ranks/trainings or would we have to re do them all. Just wondering as i like patrolling on cop
  6. hi im CCTV cam. you can call me cam or cc for short. I've been apart of this community for a while now September 27th 2016 to be exact and have had quite a few great moments. I was a Incremental senior constable and had a blast on the police force as a polair unit and in TRU and that was amazing and hoping that this server will come back and be as good as it was ages ago. so i'm really hoping u guys can bring it back to its glory days