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  1. Better late than never I guess hmmm.. I can't seem to tag you.... @Bendacat <---- *cries*
  2. Yay Auzzie!!!! :x

  3. That moment when you Really Really want to insert an image of a cat.. but there's no way to attach a pic from my PC... :(

    RIP awesome cat photo

    download (2).jpg

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    2. Bendacat


      That moment you refresh the page......


    3. SerenityLove
    4. SerenityLove


      Why must there be a limit on reactions... xD


      cat hamster.jpg

  4. How are you doing ?

    1. SerenityLove



      I've been trying to find the energy to stay awake when everyone else is. Adjusting to work and trying to train my body to a new sleep schedule. But that's been getting better. 

  5. SerenityLove


    Hi there and welcome! Mates are a pretty good way to find some good servers. I heard about Ozzy myself through some mates and play and I've found people to be quite nice and very welcoming.
  6. Hi Melbs! Welcome to Ozzy! And I like chips too. Maybe I'll share some wih you at the bar.
  7. Ok.. so i know it makes no difference if you're black or white.. because that's what Michael Jackson said... BUT.. I think people may just want to know now... so... And I've got a few rules for you Mr.. 1. No eating after midnight. 2. Stay out of the sunlight. 3. Never get wet! Hm... wait.. those rules.. No. They're the perfect rules for you!
  8. Welcome! I'm fine thanks. How are you? Never played Garry Mod.. but FiveM is pretty awesome.. and even better with the right group of people. Lucky for you I'm here Kidding... Seriously though, I hope you're enjoying it so far
  9. @Molotov Welcome! I hope you find your time here enjoyable!
  10. Welcome! I hope you've been enjoying your time in the server and that you've been finding your way around alright. People are pretty helpful, so if there's anything you may still need help with. There are plenty of ears and eyes around.
  11. :D



    I like cats!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Bendacat



  12. Hi there! Welcome! I'm sure as you've seen there are a few different things to play here. What games are you into here?
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