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  1. Only 2 weeks too late 😂
  2. Thank you for all your hard work! The servers wouldn't be how they are today without you!
  3. I'M NOT A GREMLIN! @SerenityLove I think
  4. Hi all, I'm redacted you should know me as White, or Black. I'm joining this community from another. Back in the day i was apart of Straya-gaming. Apparently we had beef? I'm not sure, I never got to eat any. Although i'm joining for the FiveM server you guys are so wonderfully providing. I'm coming aboard to hopefully help build up this server ( mainly the police, they're a bit lacking ) and have a fun and enjoyable experience all round. I'll be floating around pretending to know everything and possibly helping you noobs. So come say 'Hi' Few things to remember; 1. I don't like you. 2. You don't like me. Remember this, and we'll get along well
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