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[Request for Feedback] Proposal: SAC - Tactical Assistance Program

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Greetings all,

For some time there have been concerns around Police’s capability to handle extremely hostile coordinated criminal organisations. Given the Police’s organisational disadvantages, it is felt additional tools are required in specific situations.

In an effort to provide police with adequate tools to address this challenge, we are proposing a new department’s creation. The new department will operate under my direct oversight to ensure careful and diligent management of what could be a very problematic group if left unsupervised.

This means the return of Ex-Police Commissioner Robert Wilson. After some discussions over drinks with the powers that be, he has been persuaded to return to police in a newly created role: Federal Requisitions Officer (FRO).

Please read the following proposal carefully, and then I ask for your considered feedback in the forum linked below.

Department: Strategic Air Command
Initiative: Tactical Assistance Program
Director: FRO Robert Wilson

Program Outline
Active police officers not in a command position (Incremental Senior Sergeant and below) will be able to express interest in becoming a TAP Pilot, to be called on in cases where police are severely and notably disadvantaged against an organisation - approved by the FRO directly.

These pilots will in interviewed and hand-picked to serve, character references and police references (from command members) will be required to be considered. Standing in the city, activity and Commendations/Reports will all be considered.

Selected pilots will be provided with a single police Akula helicopter with no munitions. They will be on a trial period to prove their skills at handling, communication and ability to follow instructions from the ranking officer. During this trial, they will operate as eyes in the sky for the other officers.

After completion of this trial, the pilot will be allowed to purchase consumables for their Akula, namely ammunition. All purchases will be logged and approved by FRO, also will cost the officer, to ensure suitable discretion is exercised.

While the Akula may be used for normal Polair duties, it is not to engage targets unless attacked first or written authorisation is sought from the Commanding FRO.

Activation Criteria

  • The pilot cannot be the Shift Commander.
  • The Akula may be launched in a strictly Polair capacity until all further criteria are met.
  • The police must be outnumbered (or equal) to present hostile organisation group.
  • The hostile group must have initiated hostile actions, police initiated hostile actions will result in a 10-minute cooldown before the Akula may engage.
  • FRO written approval must be sought, if the FRO is unavailable then a member of Government may grant activation in their absence.
  • All flight time for any reason must be logged.
  • Once engaging in hostile action the Akula cannot be stored until all hostility has ceased, no further rearming may occur until the situation is considered complete.
  • If the FRO or a superior officer instructs the pilot to deactivate, they must comply immediately or be grounded pending investigation.
  • Only one Akula may be active at any one time.

Failure to comply

Breaches of activation/deactivation requirements or any other breach of TAP protocol will be dealt with harshly and may result in:

  • Grounding
  • Removal from TAP
  • PSC Referral
  • Demotion
  • Termination of Employment

Asset Acquisition
Only one Akula will be granted to a pilot at a time, loss of this asset will result in a two-week cooldown before a new one may be issued, at FRO discretion.
Frivolous or dangerous use of the asset will result in grounding until a formal review is completed.

Proposed Consumable Costs

  • Machine gun ammo: $250 per round
  • Barrage missiles (not homing, max 4): $100,000 each
  • Flares (Max 5): Free (Automatically rearmed on storage)

Countermeasures Available
Understandably, Organisations will require a counter to this. The homing launcher will be available for trade at the blackmarket. The launchers will be single use, each costing $200,000 (Black money). Note: one missile will destroy the Akula if hit.

Planned Deployment Timeline
Review feedback: 2 weeks
Update proposal: 2 weeks
Finalise with Government: 1 week
Interview potential pilots: 2 weeks
Program going live: Approx. final week of May

Congratulations on reading this far, please provide all feedback via this form:
Proposal Feedback & Expression of Interest

Police interested in a pilot role with TAP should fill in the EOI section when prompted in the feedback form.

FRO Robert Wilson

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  • Executive

FAQ, Comments & Clarifications

Q: Homing Rockets are able to target all vehicles (and several other entities) this seems OP to give to organisations?
A: Very good point, it has been noted that homing rockets would be generally too easy. Instead, the launchers provided will not be homing.

Q: If the police force is outgunned, though not outnumbered, would the Akula be able to be activated?
A: On a case by case basis, this is possible but will be evaluated at the time of request.

Q: Bodycam recording should be required full the full duration of activation.
A: This is an excellent idea but may cause issues with extended situations and the limited storage space on some officers systems. I will review possible alternatives.

Q: PSC should be given final decision on punishments. Namely, police employment terminations.
A: Agreed, they and Cabinet will be included in decisions.

Q: What happens if the FRO is unavailable, and what level of government is able to activate in the FRO's stead?
A: Activations would be permitted by FRO, Managers & Executives (Excluding those members of the presently hostile organisation).

Q: In addition to the gunships, SRT should have a team whose 'cousins' are not associated with organisations.
A: Noted but this should be raised with the directors/Cabinet, this proposal will mandate no changes to SRT.

Q: AFP should be excluded from this department.
A: I'll consider it, but there is nothing inherently wrong with them activating (from a philosophical standpoint)

Q: Will there be only one FRO? What about deputies?
A: At this stage, yes.

Q: Can FRO be corrupt?
A: No, unlike the person who accused the FRO of corruption being the most corrupt officer in the city's history - you know who you are.

Q: The Akula can use tear gas bombs.
A: Yes, great idea. $50,000 each - max 6.

Q: It's stupid!
A: Yes, I'm glad you noticed...

Q: Sounds like it would be lame.
A: O rly?

Q: "Yeah let’s make the server a military roleplay server fuckin mint"
A: Coming from a member of the Apostles, this seems ironic... or at least hypocritical. ;)

Q: Was this an April Fools' joke?
A: Yes

What I found amusing was how many people were very pressed then saw someone else say it could be an April Fools and tried to unreact/retract statements to pretend they were never fooled. You know who you are and yes I saw.

Many thanks to all for the extremely humorous discussions, direct messages, responses and outrage/fuss. I knew PD and the Orgs could be a little prickly, but goodness... (Not all of you, chill). I thoroughly enjoyed reading the various remarks. What some of you thought were viable ideas makes me frightened for any suggestions you make in future. Also, some of you may need to work a little on some self-reflection... some of those EOI question answers were... interesting.

Congrats to @Flexas the first person to outright state what was up - granted in dev chat. Sorry to our runner-up @Jackothegamer, since Ryan inadvertently helped you out, I consider your 'realisation' cheating - P.S. Cubix and I were messing with you in channel, he knew what was up :) sorry dude, it was just too good to pass up.

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