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  1. Honestly, If that was possible i'm 100% for that... In saying that i believe voting for no one to have crosshairs is just giving people that use crosshairs via bluetack or third party programs the advantage. If people are going to vote for no crosshairs they need to vote for everyone to have crosshairs... As either everyone is going to have crosshairs or people with 3PP or bluetack are going to have crosshair. The only way to make this fair is for everyone to have an even playing field, in saying that. Shooting someone for the hell of it will be dealt with at the harshest punishment from now on, so anything trivial will be punished.
  2. My vote is crosshairs for everyone. It won't work with no one using them as more people will turn to 3pps, though in saying this. Killing people for trivial matters will result in harsher punishments. I'm hoping that if everyone has a crosshair people will now think before getting into shootouts as it is an even playing field.
  3. Either everyone has it or everyone doesn't have it. Can't have half and half. Now please understand the reasoning behind this, ANYONE with a legal gun license should have the exact training that a police officer has, You would not be able to get a gun unless you have that training so this argument "Police have more training" is bull. See this all comes down to your game play, as someone that plays in first person constantly anyone that plays in 3rd person has that advantage over me of being able to sneak up on me or see me from behind a wall, that's my choice of game play though. What this does is regardless of if i am on police or just a civ i have no cross hair i use the iron site of the gun. If everyone is given cross hairs and you don't want them play in first person, if all cross hairs are removed play in first person and use the iron site. So again, Both have or neither have.
  4. Rockwell

    Job Levels

    People honestly shouldn't be buying a car every other day.
  5. Yea everything needs to be brought down to GTA V Vehicle speeds. A GTA V Hyper car goes max 240 with upgrades... a HYPERCAR... All these other cars need to be downgraded to slower than that lols.
  6. That's the thing bud, the people that I roleplay with we never have that issue. Not blaming you for what is happening to you, just stating the fact that it could be the things you're doing that may or may not be lining you up with those types of players. I 100% agree there is a problem with the quality of roleplay that is going on though there is nothing else to boost their way of roleplay as there is nothing more to gain or lose other than money to buy vehicles.
  7. Exactly why i think all cars should be balanced to gtao vehicles
  8. And it is a monster in game too. I honestly wish they woild slow everything down to gtao speeds. Makes more sense
  9. Honestly guys, you're not paying for how fast a car goes. What you're paying for is bragging rights. You're paying for the looks. You're paying for the modifications. You dont buy a ferrari in Australia for how fast it goes you buy it because it turns heads and you get to show off your ego and be like yea i own a ferrari...
  10. You're obviously role-playing with the wrong people bud. But i do agree guns are a major issuw
  11. Welcome to OzzyGaming, Look forward to Roleplaying with you.
  12. I was a part of Italy Mafia @cheech-oz had the same problem loved it though ping sucked balls. haha, again this is NOTHING like SA-MP though it would be goooood to have more people that know sa-mp stuff to RP with
  13. Yewwww LS-RP!!!! Welcome, bud! It's a bit different to SA-MP but you should fit in nice and swell. @cheech-oz
  14. Sir Rockwell In-Game Name: Joshua Rockwell for legal, Niklaus Monticelli for Illegal (If I decide to make my illegal character). Real-Life Name: Joshua (Unique I know HAHA) Real-Life Age: 26 Nationality: Australian Member of the Community Since: 22/06/2018 Member of the Staff Since: 09/07/2018 Staff Position: Support Staff Why did you Join the Staff? When I joined the server, I noticed there weren't many staff members, and that the staff themselves were busy dealing with so much and had no time to enjoy themselves. Coming from a background of being a staff member on my own community servers I know how much not being able to enjoy yourself burns you out. So i decided to apply to become a staff member not only to help those guys out but to help in making the community a fun and enjoyable place for all staff and players. It's not fun dealing with bugs, trolls, and annoyances, so if I can help in anyway, I'm more then happy to. About Yourself: As I said I'm 26 years old and have been a part of many different gaming communities, I am happily married with no children and work in the security sector. GTA RP has been a part of my regular gaming time starting on GTA:SA SA-MP in 2009 I was part of a large community being a helper/support staff there for some time and a big part of the community as a faction leader. I have also ran many Minecraft Servers a small time in Bris-MC before it's demise, Founding member and co-owner of both Infinity MC and Tasty-Craft. I have always enjoyed games from a young age, and still, to this day enjoy playing them. My main go to for games are RP/RPG style games though I love a good FPS and adventure, you will also find me playing a lot of simulator style games. Most times I'm an open book so if you want to know just ask. Notes: - If you need me you can find me in Discord, or Teamspeak. - I will continue to keep this updated. - If I don't reply on Discord or Teamspeak send me a Forum PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.
  15. Haha Thanks guise for the opportunity, I hope that I can help everyone where they need it both players and staff. I look forward to helping the server grow as well as making a fun and enjoyable server and community for all players and staff. I look forward to the future and everything it brings.
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