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  1. Changelog 20/09/2018 Added: Added Speed limits.
  2. I was a part of Italy Mafia @cheech-oz had the same problem loved it though ping sucked balls. haha, again this is NOTHING like SA-MP though it would be goooood to have more people that know sa-mp stuff to RP with
  3. Yewwww LS-RP!!!! Welcome, bud! It's a bit different to SA-MP but you should fit in nice and swell. @cheech-oz
  4. Changelog 17/09/2018 Added: Question to do with robberies. Alternative Characters in steam name. Can I use Explosives?
  5. Disclaimer: These FAQ's are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 17/09/2018 This is a few of the Frequently Asked Questions to do with OzzyGamings FiveM Server. Can I be a Career Criminal? In a short answer No, though the exception is if you’re good at it you will be able to do it. A Career Criminal does things to better and enrich his life for the long term. He doesn’t take any unnecessary risks or bring unnecessary heat onto himself or his organization. What is not accepted types of roleplay? Rape, Terrorism, Robbing and taking hostage LEA and EMS outside of an already engaged Hostile RP. How many cops are needed to take a Civilian Hostage? 3 cops are needed to take a Civ Hostage How many cops are needed to rob a Civ? At least 1 cop is needed to be online for you to be able to rob a Civ, this is because the crime needs to be reported to someone. When is it ok to kill someone? It is never ok to kill someone, Killing someone should be the last thing you do. You’re roleplaying as if you were your character in real life. Killing someone because you robbed them is not a good enough reason to kill someone, the whole point of robbing someone is to 1 get money or goods 2 build a criminal backstory for your character. Can I use *Anon* on twitter to stay anonymous? No, Even on twitter anonymous accounts can be traced and people found. Where can I find cheap cars for sale? You can find these at the Starter dealership. If you look on your map down near grove street you will find this dealership. This is the only dealership that is run by an NPC, all other car dealerships need someone online. We also have a second-hand car sales in Paleto which you may be able to find cheap cars at. Where can I buy a boat? You will find down at the marina there is an NPC ran boat dealership, this is where you can find boats for sale. Look for the white boat. Can I go out of character through the push to talk in game? No, if you have a problem with something that is going on, use the /OOC command and state the issue. Push to talk is entirely In Character and should stay that way, anything that comes out of your characters mouth is In Character. Can I go to Fort Zancudo and steal a jet? No, This is a restricted air base by rights you wouldn’t gain entry and if you did you would be arrested or killed. This goes for stealing EMS helicopters from the Hospital as well as PD helicopters from PD. No one except the whitelisted pilots are allowed access to the helicopters and planes. Can I use /twt while in jail? Of course not, you're in jail you don't have access to a phone or internet. The jail has no reception in that area so phones are useless so even if you smuggle a phone in whatever orifice you think of, the phone won't actually work in or around the jail. Is starting a robbery and cancel it to try to make the cops leave the city so that I can rob a different shop ok? No, this is cop baiting which is against server rules. Can I use alternative characters in my steam name? No, it might look good though it makes it really hard to help you when your character/account breaks. Can I roleplay using bombs and sticky bombs? No, Using something you can't actually obtain in-game is Powergaming. YES! Explosives are something you can get IG but if you don't PHYSICALLY have it in your hand you can't roleplay having it. What are the speed limits on the server? Speed limits are 60 within the city, 80 on country roads and 110 on the freeways and expressways.
  6. Hi mate, can you put in a support ticket, and an admin will look into this for you. Cheers, Rockwell Link to support tickets: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/
  7. Sir Rockwell In-Game Name: Joshua Rockwell for legal, Niklaus Monticelli for Illegal (If I decide to make my illegal character). Real-Life Name: Joshua (Unique I know HAHA) Real-Life Age: 26 Nationality: Australian Member of the Community Since: 22/06/2018 Member of the Staff Since: 09/07/2018 Staff Position: Support Staff Why did you Join the Staff? When I joined the server, I noticed there weren't many staff members, and that the staff themselves were busy dealing with so much and had no time to enjoy themselves. Coming from a background of being a staff member on my own community servers I know how much not being able to enjoy yourself burns you out. So i decided to apply to become a staff member not only to help those guys out but to help in making the community a fun and enjoyable place for all staff and players. It's not fun dealing with bugs, trolls, and annoyances, so if I can help in anyway, I'm more then happy to. About Yourself: As I said I'm 26 years old and have been a part of many different gaming communities, I am happily married with no children and work in the security sector. GTA RP has been a part of my regular gaming time starting on GTA:SA SA-MP in 2009 I was part of a large community being a helper/support staff there for some time and a big part of the community as a faction leader. I have also ran many Minecraft Servers a small time in Bris-MC before it's demise, Founding member and co-owner of both Infinity MC and Tasty-Craft. I have always enjoyed games from a young age, and still, to this day enjoy playing them. My main go to for games are RP/RPG style games though I love a good FPS and adventure, you will also find me playing a lot of simulator style games. Most times I'm an open book so if you want to know just ask. Notes: - If you need me you can find me in Discord, or Teamspeak. - I will continue to keep this updated. - If I don't reply on Discord or Teamspeak send me a Forum PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.
  8. Haha Thanks guise for the opportunity, I hope that I can help everyone where they need it both players and staff. I look forward to helping the server grow as well as making a fun and enjoyable server and community for all players and staff. I look forward to the future and everything it brings.
  9. Thanks @Boss for the hard work you have put into making this server amazing. Will be good to see you around in the future.,
  10. SOrry for reviving a dead thread
  11. What is the glory days? What's missing?