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  1. https://site22ltynxlj79xczj7k3kn.enjin.com/ OLD og FORUMS
  2. I mark all installed games as favorite to keep it organised.
  3. watch out he will disable dislikes on himself like another certain person.....
  4. I leak ur nudes if you leak his ip
  5. you are the problem you dirty orange juice bandit.
  6. Unfortunately i dont think anyone is going to be finding any part of him...
  7. I feel like the community is being a bit left in the dark in regards to what's going on with the server so i have a few questions for the Server Management team. If anyone else has any questions for them feel free to chuck em below and hopefully they can also be answered. 1. What is going on with Altis life? What improvements are being made and when can we expect to see the server back up? 2. Why are we expanding into so many game servers at once when we hardly have the playerbase for one? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to focus on what the community was built on (Altis) then expand from there once we get some players back? 3. When can we expect the Teamspeak permissions to be fixed? (#PublicPrivateChannel) 4. What is Staff/Dev team currently focusing their efforts on? (Altis, FiveM, Ect)
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