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  1. Some of these are good ideas and we can look into adding them, although you have to keep in mind the more stuff that is added longer it will take. We are more looking for smaller quality of life changes and fixes for the current mission file before we add new systems and features. Also PMC most likely wont be making a return for obvious reasons.
  2. Hello All, Unfortunately the Altis life server is going to be turned off for an extended period of time while it undertakes some needed changes. The launch of 5.0 was disappointing to say the least and I dont blame people for being turned off from the server because of it. Kraze and I are now in control of Altis life and its future and will be trying our best to work on it and improve it over the next few months. We will try to be more open with the community and we invite people to make suggestions on what they want the server to become. Currently our plan is to take the current mission file and work it up a more acceptable standard, redo the entire ruleset and redo the cop structure into something more simplified for the time being (just until we get pop back to run a larger cop force). No dates are set in stone for how long this will take, and we will have a google form below that people can submit any suggestions, tips or advice. Feel free to ask any questions below and myself or Kraze will get back to you ASAP. Google Form
  3. Enough money so i never have to do runs again and it only took about 10 hours to get. 10 hours to hit endgame aint very much of a grind and it aint very fun either. If people committed the time they spent whinging on the forums to actually playing the server and doing runs they would know its very easy to make money.
  4. Cartel Takeover

    A Mexican Drug Cartel are on Altis and are attempting a hostile takeover of the drugs and weapons trade on the island. If successful they will take over all of the weapon and drug supply lines into Altis and exponentially increase the prices of all weapons, drugs and armored vehicles at all rebel vendors on the island. This area will be heavily defended by the Cartel and will have access to a wide range of support. If you wish to keep the competitive prices you have at the current rebel bases you must overthrow this Cartel this Sunday night at 7:30pm AEDT when they attempt to set up the takeover. Information on where the cartel will located will be sent out before the event starts.
  5. Some mini-game events to win cash prizes, Mini-games Include, Team Deathmatch Team Vehicle Deathmatch Hunter Bull Rush Desync Derby And any other mini game suggested before or during the event. Starts at 7:30 AEDT 30/3/18 (This Friday)
  6. Cops have cheaper weapons because they are generally the ones defending themselves. Cops dont go buying big guns to hunt down the civs, where as the civs are usually quite the opposite.
  7. its been fixed in the patch last night make sure you are syncing data before leaving the server and it should stay there.
  8. Its has been reported that a Cartel is planning on moving drug trucks some time tonight around 7:30 AEDT. There will be a Reward to any officer that responds to it and a multiplier for each truck they capture. A rival Cartel has also offered $2,000,000 to any civilians that steal a truck and delivers it to one of the rival Cartels drop off points.
  9. "nanananana nanananana DESYNC LIGHTS *everything explodes*"
  10. All Police Have been removed from their current ranks and have been placed at the rank "Police Evaluation" in preparation for the 5.0 launch. This is a chance for all Officers to prove their worth over the following weeks as we start to promote people back into ranks. At the end of a 1-2 month period anyone who has not played Cop will be set at Constable. This is something new and fresh and an opportunity for people who may have not of been the best behaved in the past show their true colours. We are not going to take any previous Blacklists/Ranks/Warnings or anything into account for your new rank this is all based of what you are going to do right here and now. A few thing you can do to improve your chances of getting a higher rank (although these are things you should be doing all the time) - Higher Quality RP over other officers - Great CO'ing - Great NCO'ing - Showing Maturity - Listening to orders well - Maintaining Channel Control and Order - Following Protocol - Teaching New Players - Being Active - And many more If you have any questions please feel free to ask a Cabinet Member or post below.
  11. Limiting people on how much they can play in a time like now probs isent the best idea, maybe when pop picks up it could be introduced but for now just having CO loosely try to keep a 1/3 1/2 ratio would be preferred but required at the moment. Just ask when the ratio is bad if anyone would be willing to go jump on cop for a while (they dont have to but it dosent hurt to ask).
  12. watch out he will disable dislikes on himself like another certain person.....
  13. I leak ur nudes if you leak his ip