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  1. I mark all installed games as favorite to keep it organised.
  2. Cartel Takeover

    A Mexican Drug Cartel are on Altis and are attempting a hostile takeover of the drugs and weapons trade on the island. If successful they will take over all of the weapon and drug supply lines into Altis and exponentially increase the prices of all weapons, drugs and armored vehicles at all rebel vendors on the island. This area will be heavily defended by the Cartel and will have access to a wide range of support. If you wish to keep the competitive prices you have at the current rebel bases you must overthrow this Cartel this Sunday night at 7:30pm AEDT when they attempt to set up the takeover. Information on where the cartel will located will be sent out before the event starts.
  3. Some mini-game events to win cash prizes, Mini-games Include, Team Deathmatch Team Vehicle Deathmatch Hunter Bull Rush Desync Derby And any other mini game suggested before or during the event. Starts at 7:30 AEDT 30/3/18 (This Friday)
  4. Its has been reported that a Cartel is planning on moving drug trucks some time tonight around 7:30 AEDT. There will be a Reward to any officer that responds to it and a multiplier for each truck they capture. A rival Cartel has also offered $2,000,000 to any civilians that steal a truck and delivers it to one of the rival Cartels drop off points.
  5. watch out he will disable dislikes on himself like another certain person.....
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  8. More rp events, they tend to be better then the random minigame ones. Stuff like convoys and other rp scenarios.