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  1. Your Honnor, @Penthrox Due to no information provided of when this happened we were unsure which charge was being questioned. We have confirmed and worked out which charge is being contested. We have been unable to confirm the arresting officer and when they would be free. The officer is not free until Friday. We request a new time of 10th September, 1900 *7pm* Server Time. This would be to allow our officer to attended. Regards, Assistant Commissioner Mitty King
  2. Mitty

    Z3R0's Court Booking

    Hi, Based off the information provided by the officer and the own statement given in the booking. I don't see how this can be contested in anyway. However if they wish to make a mockery of Justice and waste time we can see this. Regards, Assistant Commissioner M. King
  3. I will need to speak to officers on scene before I can provide more information on this. Regards, Assistant Commissioner Mitty.
  4. Mitty

    Z3R0's Court Booking

    Hi, I will speak to the arresting officer to get more information. However to poke holes in there argument. "If Peaceful Attempts were made" This is vague and bad line. Officers aiming there service weapons if they feel the need to do so safety. Clearly the Plaintiff "Josh Hunter" was armed with an illegal weapon so officers needed to act in a manner that protected themselves and others in the area. " If a peaceful attempt were made, I would have come quietly, instead of due to the police actions and me fearing for my life." To highlight he is admitted here that he resisted arre
  5. Hi, It has recently come to my attention that Mr Mynx has recently passed away. My condolences go out to him and his family. With this new information there would be no need for court case to go ahead. Regards, Assistant Commissioner Mitty King. @[email protected]
  6. To DOJ, It's hard to process what is above due to it having no structure at all but I will endeavour to do my best with it. On the count of "Accessory to Murder" we can understand why this would be wanted to seen in court. Saying that the client pulled a gun because "they were going to rob him" is hearsay. He may have thought he could have been robbed however this wasn't the case and in the eyes of the law is still having a firearm in public. This does give the officers PC to take the firearm and search the suspect as well the charges being laid against Mr Mynx on the count of Acces
  7. To DOJ, I will be taking representing PD for this case. On the first count. We have sufficient evidence and motive to place this charge against Mr Walker. The NSW PD is happy to prove this in court and provide any and all evidence against Mr Walker. On the second count. Charlie Walker was removed from the NSW Police Force on the 24.04.2021 This is separate to this charge being given and NSW Police Forces still holds the grand rights to fire anyone for actions unbecoming of an officer at any time. The "Heading Hunting Charge" was given to Mr Walker on the second of May this year.
  8. Thank you for your booking A. Embershard. DOJ sees your request. PD Please be made aware of this. By the looks of things this will be a court case. Can Both sides please provide times over the weekend that work for them. I will need a response within 24 hours please. Regards, R. French @Kraze @pinejack
  9. Plaintiff has withdrawn this request and it will now be closed.
  10. Hi @paulmclean Can you provide your DOB. This way Police can look at the request. It's basic name with of people having it. Are you going to represent yourself or will you be getting a lawyer? Regards, Justice, Robert French.
  11. This is noted by DOJ. I will pass this onto PD so they are aware. @Kraze - Daniel La Trinité Please be aware of the above.
  12. is that real life 2 weeks?

    1. Mitty



    2. Dgrimes10


      can apply again on the same account on the website or do i need to create a new account for a new character?

  13. Hi, You need to spend time as a lawyer before you can move to the role of judge. I would suggest reaching out to the DOJ in RP so you can look at becoming a lawyer. This will be closed.
  14. You will need to spend time on the server as a lawyer before you can be considered for a Judge role. If you want to do be a lawyer I suggest taking some time to find out how to apply in RP. This will be closed.
  15. Hi, You will need to seek out a judge to apply to be a lawyer. This will be closed.
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