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  1. Correct, when left blank it will show the max height you can be.
  2. Are placing the Height in centimetres? For example 176 ???
  3. Mitty

    GTA 5 rp

    G'day mate. So as long as your own GTAV you can play FiveM. If you google FiveM and download the client it is pretty simple the setup of it. - Mitty.
  4. G'day mate make sure you are putting in the full date. So for example 25/01/1991 You need to have every slot filled.
  5. G'day mate. I would suggest clearing your cache and letting us know how you go. Normally that is the fix for Five M at this time. Regards Mitty.
  6. Welcome hehehe. Great to have our bartender here.
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