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  1. Mitty

    Tipsy's Court Booking

    Hi, Just confirming have you spoken to PD first about the strike there? I would need the plate of the car and the make as well please. Regards. R. French.
  2. Hi, Apart from the lack of effort in the application. You need to be a lawyer for some time before you can become a judge. We want people to show a basic understanding. This has been denied. Regards, R. French Law Council Member.
  3. Hi, So to become a judge you must first spend time within the legal system as a lawyer before you can move. This is required to make sure people have a basic understanding. On top of that your application has little to no effort. Regards, Robert French.
  4. I will take people who will never spell my name correctly for $1000
  5. I would say speak to PSC of the police first and submit a report. If you are seeking compensation take it with them first and then seek legal if no action is taken.
  6. It's case by case. If you're being held at gunpoint you shouldn't really do anything cause government rules. If they leave and no longer a threat then yes it's no longer self defence.
  7. Attention Citizens. I am making this announcement to clear some things up as people appear to be confused by some of the laws within the city. If you are going to use your firearm in self defence legally your life must be placed at direct threat. For Example shooting at someone who has stolen your vehicle and is not posing a direct threat to your life is not self defence. This is not to be confused with the "Government Rules". If you have questions feel free to approach me. Regards, Chief Justice Robert French [Mitty]
  8. You haven't been here a long time, you left. You can't come back to a Red Carpet. But it is great to see you back. Hope you are doing well young man. Stay out of trouble. Regards, Mitty.
  9. This a support request through support ticket.
  10. No. Any warning or ban placed will always be logged.
  11. + Rep. Slamalangadingdong

    1. macapaca


      i need to speak to clutchNZ 


  12. G'day mate make sure you are putting in the full date. So for example 25/01/1991 You need to have every slot filled.
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