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  1. Yeah thats all I wanted Towing and Impounding, no repairing at all. I guess they aren't looking for that extra layer
  2. Are you referring to a mechanic in a tow truck or like what I was going for here? Cause there is no reason mechanics can't use the tow trucks I just thought it would be cool to add another layer of roleplay to something that happens all the time.
  3. I would have to disagree on the towing being a core part of the mechanic job I think the repairing and customization is the core of that job. I just wanted to take away the hassle of the mechanics having to be called away from the shop to tow a vehicle for the police. My only plan was to tow cars not repair them. As for looking to join the mechanics shops I have tried and no one has been hiring for a while so I figured I would try out my own thing. Thanks for looking at this anyway.
  4. I don't want to take away from other jobs such as mechanic I just want to add another layer of possible role-play. Such as if someone had totaled their car to the point a mechanic couldn't repair out in the field then they would call me and I would tow that vehicle to the mechanics shop for further repairs.
  5. About Us: Finklebottom Towing is a fairly new company only having a few years in the towing business. The company was originally founded by my Father 3 years ago. We've always been a small company consisting of my Father, my brother Randy and myself but unfortunately my Father passed of a heart attack earlier this year and it was really hard on my brother and myself. Randy found his peace in becoming a police officer in this fine city and I was lost with nothing to do. I wandered around town aimlessly searching for a job but with no luck, until one day I noticed several abandoned vehicles that had just been left on the street. Obviously working with my Father I learnt a lot and I feel that I am to the point of where I can be the guy to clean up these streets of the metal just rusting. I was able to convince my friend to join me in attempt to revive my Fathers company again. Specializations: Finklebottom Towing specializes in professional towing no matter the weather or time of day. Some of our capabilities include: Towing abandoned vehicles for impounds Vehicle crushing on request from police Special vehicle deliveries Roadside assistance/towing to a mechanic shop P.S. I do have a few other ideas for the impound lot to be player ran but it's understandable if that is not a possibility. If you would like to know more my discord is FixedSkittlez#0336 and I'm usually always on TS3 Locations: A few locations were scouted by myself but only one really stood out to me. First one is located just by the main PD Vehicles: My father left me a tow truck which I have since added a paint job to and I believe it will be sufficient unless I take on more staff. Current Staff List: Owner: Rundy Finklebottom Employees: Justin Sider I hope this application for revival of my Fathers business is looked at and I hope to hear back from the goverment regarding this soon. Yours Truly Rundy Finklebottom