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  1. Also requesting the NSWPDs bodycam footage.
  2. FixedSkittlez's Court Booking Application ID #9163 Submitted on 05/14/21 at 12:24:09 PM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name Dreamz ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Jason Vorn ---------------------- Defendant Name NSWPD ---------------------- Claim My client is accusing the New South Wales Police Department of giving a false charge and falsely imprisoning him after being told to "move along". My clients record has not been updated to reflect this jail time however has received the fine, which I have informed him not to pay until after
  3. I voted for all, honestly it's dumb that we even have to have this conversation however hopefully it makes the majority happy. I say we just remove all guns and ban everyone from the server but I don't think people will enjoy that.
  4. Hola, I'm Skittlez. I do the stream sometimes. Mainly play EMS but will be doing a bit of lawyering
  5. Hi mate, Welcome to OzzyGaming. Fire and rescue are a sub role of being an EMS. You'll have to work your way up through EMS and then proceed to be Fire and Rescue trained. Hope this helps, Skittlez
  6. Hey mate, Please submit a support ticket via the support tab. Please be aware that we are not currently doing name changes unless the name is inappropriate. Thanks Shittlez Logmaster
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