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FiveM Development Notes 2.4.5

Released 10/16/20

Key Changes

Hello everyone, since it has been a while since the last change log, I will include updates that have been implemented before a formal server update. As always, if you find a bug/exploit. Feel free to report it in our bug report section.

As many of you may know, September/October/November/December are quite busy months for those among the staff and development team. From end of year assessments to examinations and of course all of those holidays. During these times, we ask that you are patient with server updates as we may not be running at full capacity.

Script Additions

  • Automated boat shop. Currently, there is only one. However, depending on the popularity of boats as a whole, coupled with how many are sold over a period of time, management may consider player run businesses
  • Boat garages/impounds have been placed around the map for boat owners. These work a little differently to car garages/impounds┬áin the sense that you won't have to swim around looking for the spawn points. The spawn points will be on dry land, and will spawn your vehicle with an offset that is in the water. Police and EMS that are on duty will now have access to their civilian boats. However, their respective department boats will be available to take out.
  • Anchors have been re-added. simply press "."┬á(when standing in/near the boat, rather than actively driving the boat)
  • Turtle poaching has made a return. Simply purchase a┬ásturdy fishing rod┬áfrom the hardware store and proceed the the marked turtle poaching locations. Although this isn't a formal job, turtle poaching does utilise an EXP system. Based on your level, you will catch varying sized turtles. Since poaching is an illegal act, you will need to locate the turtle buyer in roleplay... And of course, watch out for the police.
  • New fishing job. This will be replacing the current default fishing job. Players can fish from any location on the map that has water. However, we encourage players to fish in areas that┬ámake sense.┬áPlayers also have the option of fishing at prime fishing locations. In these areas,┬ácertain┬áfish are available. When not fishing in a prime location, the only fish that can be caught is a generic fish which is not worth a lot. Since fishing is considered a formal job, an EXP system has been implemented. Depending on your fishing level, you have a chance to catch larger fish. The sizes range from small to extra large. When selling fish, players need only look for a green hook in the city and travel to that location.
  • New holdup system. Players can now search a victim that either has their hands up, or is restrained. However, instead of instantly being able to open their inventory, an animation will play on the source player with a progress bar which┬áis cancelable. It should also be noted that this can only be done with a firearm.
  • Organ harvesting. Players can now buy a scalpel from Mount. Gordo for a moderate price. Once in a players possession, a victim can have their organs harvested if they are restrained. The source player will play a short animation locked behind a progress bar that is cancelable. Once the progress bar is finished, the organ will be harvested and placed into the harvesters inventory. Players have three organs that are harvestable, the kidney, spleen, and lung. It should be noted that the victim must receive medical attention (by checking into the hospital, or seeing a doctor), otherwise they will die 20 minutes after their organs have been harvested. Effects will be played on the camera of the victims screen until they receive medical attention. Organs can be sold. However, you will need to figure out where in roleplay.
  • Cafe Redemption has been added. This new business sells a wide range of cafe goods, including notable cafe food┬áand drinks. They also have a┬áspecial┬átype of coffee that may be beneficial... Stop by and check out their menu!
  • Rapid Repossessions has been formally opened. This is a player run impound/towing business. If you have parked your car illegally, or have abandoned your vehicle, you can expect to have it towed. If your vehicle has been towed by this company, your vehicle will show up in your garage as being "held at rapid repo". Moreover, you will receive a notification that your vehicle has been towed. In order to have your vehicle returned, you will need to visit rapid repo and speak to an employee to discuss a towing fee.┬áAlthough this is a business, they have to follow a few new strict server rules to avoid any foul play.
  • BZGAS launcher. SRT members will now have access to this weapon. If you wish to know further information in terms of what rank it is unlock-able at, please keep an eye out for police protocol changes.
  • Help/controls/rules command to assist new players with a well designed UI.
  • Various weapon icons that did not exist.
  • Lawyers and Judges have been added to the job system.
  • Completely new custom towing system that is much better than the prior one. Simply type /tow or /untow when a vehicle is close to a tow truck.

Script Modifications

  • Treasure hunting has been overhauled. Hunters will now be assigned a different region of the map based on their level. This should greatly decrease the travel time from getting to point a to point b. All locations will now have objects at the bottom of the ocean to help easily identify the spot.
  • Dispensing ammunition from the ammo container will now play a more realistic animation, this animation is locked in a progress bar which will take 5 seconds to complete. However, it is cancelable.
  • When typing messages in the phone, typing a number will no longer activate items in the hotbar.
  • The hands up hotkey now does not require a sustained button press. Simply tap it to put your hands up, and tap it again to put them down.
  • All jobs that utilise the EXP system now give double EXP if you hold the actual job (rather than just using trucking tools without the job).
  • Diving suits now lock you in a 30 second animation before actually applying the diving suit (we can all thank the bank robbers who jump into the water with a large bag of cash - more updates on mitigation for this soon).
  • Bumps and body armour now take 6 seconds to use. They are both locked behind an animation and progress bar that is cancelable.
  • The bean bag shotgun has been re-added. However, it now has reduced range.
  • The heavy pistol has been nerfed against targets with body armour. When shooting someone in the torso with body armour, it is a two shot kill. If the target does not have body armour, it is a one shot kill. All headshots with this weapon is still a one shot kill.
  • When in zipties or handcuffs, players can now move their camera around.
  • Players can now drag any dead person.
  • Players can no longer self revive at hospitals.
  • The garage system now has a filter field that should make it easier for players with a lot of vehicles to quickly find the vehicle they are looking for. You can search by the plate or model.
  • Vehicle indicators have been rebound to the arrow keys, and the hazard lights are now backspace.
  • The inventory has receive a slight face lift. Areas that were not well defined and hard to see are now a lot more defined and should make it easier to drag items around.
  • Tidied up the "red circles". They are now much more clean and out of the way in each clothing store. Also, they aren't red anymore...
  • Police CAD now has a timestamp on each row in the calls section.
  • The principal bank robbery has been re-enabled.

Game Assets

  • Mount Zonah Hospital has been added.
  • Rapid Repo Repossessions building has been added at La Mesa.
  • Sandy Shores Hospital has been replaced with a better interior.
  • Paleto Hospital has been replaced with a better interior.
  • Paleto PD has a new interior.
  • MRPD has a new interior.
  • The henhouse has a new interior.


  • Knocking people out whilst tackling is no longer possible.
  • Knocking people out and tackling whilst being tazed is no longer possible.
  • Knocking out and tackling people inside vehicles is no longer possible.
  • Cuffing/knocking people out whilst tazed, tackled, or knocked out is no longer possible.
  • Dragging people and entering vehicles is no longer possible.
  • Tackling dead people is no longer possible.
  • Tackling/knocking people out whilst dead is no longer possible.
  • Spamming X, P and B will no longer allow you to move around whilst dead.
  • Ziptying will no longer bug out the target player (hopefully).
  • Using emotes in vehicles is now no longer possible.
  • Zipties will now only be consumed if the target is successfully restrained.
  • + a heap of other changes that weren't logged.


  • Fuelers┬ájob
  • Old fishing job
  • Lumberjack job
  • Mining job
  • Butcher job
  • Tailor job

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