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  1. I have finished my exams and will be working on this in the weeks to come.
  2. Changelog 28/10/2018 General Overhaul of the rules including a few additions/deletions/modifications. Please re-read the whole document! These rules are in effect as of 7:00 PM AEST 28/10/2018
  3. Disclaimer: These rules are under constant revision. Please bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis. Last Update: 28/10/2018 1.0 General Rules 1.1 Common Sense: First and foremost, we expect our players to use basic common sense. 1.2 Offensive Conduct: We are all here to play games and role-play together. However, players have different tolerance levels to certain role-play and behaviour. We only ask that you keep this kind of behaviour mild and acceptable for the average individual. Administrators can on a case by case basis determine what is not acceptable so don’t go too overboard. 1.3 Trolling: This is the internet, you all know what trolling is... Please do not do it. 1.4 Ban Evasion: Do not try to evade your ban, fill in a ban appeal on the forums if you wish to appeal your ban. if you are caught circumventing a ban, you will be permanently banned. 1.5 Cheating: Nobody likes cheaters. Do not modify your game to gain an advantage over players. We do not need to expand on this point. You should know what is right and wrong. 1.6 Exploiting: Do not exploit in-game mechanics to gain an advantage over other players. 1.7 Job Vehicles: Vehicles sold at the "Job Vehicle Seller" may only be used for jobs. 1.8 Idling: Do not idle on the server for more than 15 minutes. 1.9 Real World Trading: Real world trading is the act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming FiveM for in-game items, or vice versa. Do not do this. 2.0 Role-play 2.1 Criminal Activities and Hostage Situations: If you are conducting criminal activities including hostage taking, you must be prepared to negotiate with the Police. After each robbery, there is a 30-minute cooldown for your group. Continued: - Players cannot physically restrain a Police officer, thus, they cannot be taken as a hostage. Players may, under exceptional circumstances hold them at gunpoint and restrain them in role-play if they enter an ongoing hostile area. - Players under no circumstances are allowed to have a "fake" hostage. This includes having a friend play the part of a hostage. Players can acquire a legitimate hostage in role-play in order negotiate with the Police. - Players may not exceed six players in their group whilst conducting illegal activity. - Players may not use vehicles to block an entrance to a building in any role-play scenario including a hostile scenario. - Police and Criminals must be willing to attempt negotiations even if the Criminals do not have a hostage. If the Criminals have a reasonable demand, Police must be prepared to fulfil the request. If the talks succeed, Police must give the Criminals reasonable time to exit the building before pursuing. If the negotiations fail, Police must notify the Criminals that negotiations are over before engaging in hostile role-play. - Players, under no circumstances, may force their victims to withdraw money from an ATM. - When switching to a larger weapon (shotguns/assault rifles), players must be standing near your vehicle or locker (you cannot just pull them out of nowhere). 2.2 Metagaming: Do not metagame. Metagaming is using information gained outside of role-play in role-play. 2.3 Fail Role-play: You must role-play all scenarios. Fail role-play is the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona. Example: - Cop baiting/pestering cops so that they have direct most of their attention to a particular player is forbidden. 2.4 Fear role-play: Players must be willing to value their life. For example, If multiple people surround a player with the intention of robbing them, the player must be ready to surrender, and thus, valuing their life. 2.5 Crashes: Players must role-play crashes. If you are involved in a high-speed accident, you are expected to role-play this with realism. For example, if you collide with another vehicle or object at high speed, you are expected to role-play the obvious damage your character has taken. 2.6 New Life Rule: This applies every time a character respawns. The character must not return to or rejoin the last role-play scenario which resulted in the characters incapacitation. 3.0 Combat 3.1 Random Deathmatch (RDM): Death is a serious matter on this server. You must have a reasonable role-play reason for killing another player. Ideally, players should rarely be killing each other. As this is a role-play server, players are expected to explore alternate role-play avenues before even considering murder. Failure to comply with these simple instructions will result in disciplinary action. Example: - Declaring on/murdering a Police officer to avoid a speeding ticket. - Starting hostile role-play over trivial matters (death is a serious thing!). 3.2 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): This rule is an extension of rule 3.1. You must have a valid role-play reason to run over a player with your vehicle. You must be in accordance with rule 3.1. And 3.3. If you accidentally run another player over, that is fine, apologise and move on. 3.3 Declarations: In the unlikely event hostile role-play is an option for a player; Declarations are designed to give the target player a chance to comply with your demands. Before the player sends a declaration, they must be in accordance with rule 3.1. When declaring, the player must include the following in their verbal communication: A demand, a consequence, and a timeframe. Example (In verbal direct voice chat, set to "shout"): This is a robbery, place your hands on your head or I will be forced to respond with lethal force, you have 10 seconds to comply. 3.4 Combat Logging: Players are not allowed to disconnect from a role-play or combat situation. If your game has crashed, just let the involved parties know, and try arrange to continue the role-play once you have reconnected. 4.0 Safe Zones 4.1 Safe Zones: You may not start hostile role-play in any safe zone. If hostile role-play enters the safe zone, then you may continue with it. However, you must actively try to resolve it as soon as possible. Additionally, you may not steal any vehicles from safe zones. Current Safe Zones: - All Police Stations - All EMS Stations - All Car Dealerships 5.0 Emergency Services 5.1 Role-playing as emergency services: Police/EMS are whitelisted positions. This faction requires that the player join the appropriate TeamSpeak 3 channel before going on duty, and remaining in this channel for the remaining time the player is on duty. All emergency services documentation is available on TeamSpeak 3, and the website. This is a very strict rule, so failure to abide by this rule will result in a kick from the server. 5.2 F6 Menu: If you are off duty, you are under no circumstances allowed to use your F6 menu. 5.3 Weapons: These may only be transferred to another player by way of waylay during hostile role-play. Weapons protected under this role are emergency services weapons, and job weapons. Players may use these weapons for 24 hours and then destroy them or risk being detected by our systems and face disciplinary action. 5.4 Ambulance Personnel: Ambulance drivers are not a threat and should never be treated as one. The only exception to this is if they knowingly enter a hostile situation and attempt to revive someone when told not to. Additionally, Ambulance drivers should not do anything to threaten other players or try to initiate Hostile role-play.
  4. Changelog 27/10/2018 Added: - More examples for 2.1 (Combat) - More examples for 3.1 (Role-play) These rules are in effect as of 12:00 PM AEST 27/10/2018
  5. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Another small update mainly consisting of vehicle mod fixes. This means that some cars modified before the update will require re-modding. Due to the immense number of cars on the server (around 6,500), we cannot compensate players for this. We have asked that the mechanics (JCS and the newly added BBC) offer cost price upgrades for the weekend. Added: - The Star Casino has been released with a couple of features I will let you all find out for yourselves at the grand opening ;). - The Star Casino has rolled out their second line of Scratchy Tickets since the first round was so successful, you can buy these from any store. - BBC Mechanics have now moved into their new building and are pending a grand opening. - Maze Bank business apartments have been re-added. Modified: - After a very long process most cars should be able to be modded, however, it is possible some may have been missed, so if you find any that cannot be modded please let us know. Fixed: - Various resources that were lagging behind have been fixed.
  6. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: This is a rather small update consisting of bug fixes and a few new Police features. Added: - The Star Casino has released their first round of scratchy tickets. These are available in any store in Los Santos. - Blaine County PD has been renovated into a more secure facility. - Mission row PD vehicle colour changer. - Police now have the ability to add criminal records to players through their F6 menu. Modified: - Security cameras now have a pan feature. - Rebound the "L" anchor key to ",". Fixed: - Fixed issue with the clothing store not saving any outfits unless you save with a number.
  7. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Another moderately sized update. Everything on this list has been tested, however, if you find something wrong please do not hesitate to contact the development team. This update focuses on bug fixes and progressing the notification rework. There are a few feature additions, however, the notification rework is the main emphasis here. Added: - Treasure Hunter job added. This is an ocean diving based job where you go from A to B collecting treasure to sell at the treasure dealer (you may want to purchase a diving suit from the shop before attempting this job :P). - "Light Diving Suit" and "Diving Suit" added to the store. Consuming this item will change your gear and apply diving gear. You will also be able to breathe for longer under water. - Anchors have been added. Press "L" to lower the anchor, and "L" again to raise it (You must not be in the driver seat of the boat). - CCTV Cameras have been added to the larger banks for Police to use in robbery situations. Additionally, CCTV cameras have also been added inside the Principal Bank for the bank robbers. - CCTV Camera station has been added to Mission Row PD, these cameras show the front of all major banks. - CCTV Cameras have been added to all drug processing interiors. People processing can now look outside to see if someone is waiting for them. - Holden Sedan added to the EMS vehicle list (this one doesn't roll over :D). - Maze bank office suites have been re-added. Modified: - Reworked the ANZ phone transfer app, this now will display transaction information. - Reworked Police notifications, now much cleaner and with more information. - Reworked Jail notifications. - You can now only send people to jail for a maximum of 50 minutes. - Reworked the /report system. - Reworked the notifications for player robbing. These notifications now show more information about the robber... - Player join/leave + Death notifications font have been changed. - Airlines job vehicle unlocks has been redone in accordance with the requests from Airlines management. - Unicornjob has been modified in accordance with requests from their management (Mixology is now available for Bartenders, and the vault is now only available for the Boss and their 2IC). - Twilight garage has been relocated to a parking lot nearby. Fixed: - Exploit with reviving. Revive reward has been re-added. - The issue with the job vehicle seller and the low-end car dealer not properly saving vehicle information to the database. - The issue with property colour types not applying. - A few Airlines markers and markers for a few other jobs. Removed: - Bank/Bank ATM player transfer option. Use the ANZ app on the phone.
  8. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Another small update consisting of modifications. Added: - A new notification system, this system will gradually replace the current one. - Rip Off's Laundry Service (A quick money laundering service that charges 50%). Located in Blaine County (you need to buy a Tide Pod from the store in order to use the service (lol :P)). Modified: - Various menus have been moved to the bottom right. - Turtle Poaching has an additional zone. - Turtle Poaching zone markers have been increased. - Billing system now has additional information about who has paid/given an invoice. Notification stays open for much longer. - The location of the black market weapon shop. - Sokudo Mechanics has new ownership and is now known as BBC Mechanics. Fixed: - Fishing job not spawning a boat. - Twilight autos vehicle reseller (now located over the road).
  9. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: This is a small update mainly consisting of bug fixes and a few features. Added: - Illegal Turtle poaching. - Various new drug locations (Have fun experiencing them for yourselves :P). - Job Centers to Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. - Hospital healers have been added to Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. - Various vehicles that will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Modified: - Many markers have been redone, floating markers have been fixed, etc. - Vehicle damage script will no longer randomly break your vehicle after you have travelled x amount of kilometres. - Moved Sandy Shores garage away from Trevors House. Fixed: - Glitch with the player robbing script that allowed people to be robbed without their hands up. - The bug that was making people fall through the map. Removed: - The ability to store dirty money in vehicle inventories (Anti-dupe prevention). - Tattoo shops while they are being fixed.
  10. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: This is a small update mainly consisting of mainly bug fixes and just simple changes. Notable changes are that new players will now spawn at the Airport. Additionally, when you die, you will now spawn at the airport, this is mainly to make it harder for people to re-engage in role-play to further emphasis death. You may also notice that we have moved the Legion Square garage a couple of blocks to the west in the hopes that it might mitigate the constant trolling in Legion Square. We have also reverted our lock script back to the base ESX version as this has the least amount of issues with it, unfortunately, most lock scripts suffer from de-sync issues as a result of how Grand Theft Auto 5 handles locking vehicles, there is not much we can do to mitigate this. Added: - Bike stand to the airport for new players to access. - Tablet (Press "M" to open the Tablet). This has basic information, however, in the future, this is where a CAD will be located. - Police/EMS placeables menu (Press "Shift + F" to access it). - Robbing script. To rob someone, they MUST have their hands up (Holding "X"). The hotkey for robbing is "G". When you are robbing someone it is imperative that you simply only have the gun in your hand, there is no need to point it otherwise it will not work. - NPC skin selector at most clothing stores, if you wish to revert to your basic character model, you must re-log. - Hotkey for crossing your arms (Press Shift + 3 to trigger the animation). Modified: - Many markers have been redone, floating markers have been fixed, etc. - Moved Legion Square garage to a nearby parking building to the West. - Moved Police vehicle spawner menu to the bottom left. - Reverted Lock System to basic ESX lock system (this will fix cars despawning). Fixed: - Police weapon/vehicle unlocks. Removed: - Random type popping.
  11. Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 15/07/2018 OzzyGaming Community Rules 1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way. 2. Community members must not direct racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour towards another member of the community. 3. Community members must not spam on any of our services. 4. Community members must not advertise or promote another server/community. 5. Community members must not impersonate a staff member. 6. Community members must not have inappropriate usernames. 7. Community members must not, under any circumstances release any personal information about any other community member (AKA Doxing). 8. Community members must not share inappropriate images such as pornography or any other offensive material. 9. Community members must not soundboard in any channel on TeamSpeak or Discord unless it is your channel or unless you have permission from the channel owner.
  12. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: This is a moderately sized update. A few main things need to be pointed out: Jobs that provided vehicles for collection have been disabled. You can purchase a job vehicle from the Job Vehicle Seller starting from $500. Additionally, you can buy a vehicle for 10K and under from the Low-End Vehicle Seller. The vehicle damage system has changed, you can now type /repair once after your vehicle has broken, this is designed so that you can drive it to the Mechanic and get it repaired. You may have noticed that the black weapon shop has moved. This will now move every week. Have fun finding it! You also cannot steal cars that NPCs are sitting in them... Unless you kill them. Vehicles on the side of the road are a different story, you should still be able to take those. Added: - New vehicle damage script (you can now, just once after your vehicle breaks use /repair so you can drive to a mechanic). - Free bike rental locations around the core part of the city (you must return the bike in order to get another one out). - Police radio animation, press or hold ALT to activate this. - Police holster animation for pistols, you can hold Z to hover your hand near your waist to intimidate. - Anti driveby, you cannot shoot out of your vehicle unless you are stationary. - Job vehicle seller ( vehicles have been removed from collection jobs, you must buy a vehicle from the seller) important vehicles sell for $500. - Automated low-end car dealership for when there are no dealers online, this dealer will only sell vehicles under 10K. - Cruise control. Press "Y" to activate it. - A doctor to the hospital that will heal you for $500. - Blue circle under your feet that will light up blue when you are speaking. - Weapon detectors at the front and back door of mission row ( Had to the disable the audio side of this as it was causing issues, will re-implement in the future when fixed) this will message police if someone walks through it with a weapon. - New garage at Twilight Autos. Modified: - Many markers have been redone, floating markers have been fixed, etc. - Payout of bank robberies have been increased, and the payout is now in dirty money. - Location of black market weapon shop has changed, and this will continue to move every week. - Buffed garbage job payout. - Buffed Dominos pizza job payout. - Buffed Courier job payout. - Raised the character limit for /news for Journalists. Fixed: - "U" lock system now locks/unlocks the boot. Removed: - Job vehicles that spawn at the Depot. - Tilde key lock (use the "U" lock system). - Real estate job.
  13. Hello everyone, thank you for voting. I will bring this up at the next management meeting and discuss this.
  14. G'day OzzyGamers. Our FiveM server has gained considerable popularity and we have noticed that some of our regular players have been asked about a whitelisted server, I am creating this thread to gauge the interest. This is by no means a sure thing, however, if we have enough interested people, then we will definitely consider it. Some things to consider: We would need 64 registered whitelisted players before we considered launching the server. Players must have been on the server for at least a week before applying for the whitelisted server. You will need to come up with an in-game persona before applying for the server. This information will be required in the whitelisting process. The server would be strict RP, everyone would be expected to perform at the top of their game, any bullshit/trolling will result in you being immediately blacklisted, honest mistakes will be dealt with less harshly and will act on a sort of 3 strike system for similar rule-break occurrences. Admin support will primarily be diverted to the main server as people who are whitelisted will be expected to be well versed in the rules/keep out of trouble.
  15. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Animation menu hotkey (Set to F3 right now, but likely to be rebound in the future as this may conflict with controllers). - Gruppe6 Ped. - Gas pump at Mission Row for Police to use before they start patrolling. - Showroom for Twilight Dealership. - Various cosmetic changes for Twilight Dealership. Modified: - Job payouts (first round of balancing). - More interfaces moved to the bottom right. - Police vehicles will now spawn clean. - More disabled controls while restrained. Fixed: - Garage duplication exploit. - Job swapping not setting you to off duty. - Weapons being removed when you log off. - Performance issues with various scripts. - Many other exploits. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag. - Various sounds that were bugging out and playing globally.
  16. I will have another look at the script and see if I can re-create the issue. If anything, it is less limiting... There are so many opportunities for role-play, you just need to take the initiative and start it. This is very different to your typical AL server where it is a glorified DM mode with declarations most of the time. If it is constant combat you are after, then I would suggest that this may not be the right place to look for it. Overall, we leave the ball in your court, you will only experience good role-play if you yourself are doing the same thing, role-play is a two-way street.
  17. You need to finish the whole mission before you turn it in before you can get paid. These people are usually the ones baiting the Police - There are many other things in the game other than Police. Never know till you try!
  18. Changelog 10/06/2018 Added: - Section 1.8 (Real World Trading) These rules are in effect as of 5:15 PM AEST 10/06/2018
  19. G'day OzzyGamers. First and foremost, I would like to welcome @gigabytes to the development team, he has done a tremendous job so far and has brought many ideas to us already. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Cuff hotkey + sound when you get cuffed/uncuffed (Shift + E to cuff/uncuff). - If your job is not set to Police, then you will automatically be kicked out of the driver seat of any Police vehicles. - If your job is not set to Ambulance, then you will automatically be kicked out of the driver seat of any Ambulance vehicles. - Twilight Dealership building. - AFK kicker, you will be kicked if you idle for longer than 15 minutes. - Team map markers for Police and Ambulance jobs, the two jobs can now see each other on the map. - LC100 Land Cruiser. - Nissan Patrol Nismo. - Caprice. - VF SS. - HSV Maloo. - Monaro. - VF GTS. Modified: - UI style. - UI position. - Manual bleed out time to 7 minutes. - Jail script will now send you to Bolingbroke Penitentiary and will release you outside once you have served your sentence. - Anti combat logging for Jail, if you log out during your sentence, you will be put straight back. - Phone - you can now call anyone on your contact list, you can also walk around whilst on your phone. - Police can now revive only if there is no ambulance staff on they will also not be rewarded for reviving. - Revive animation now has a revive sound included. - NPC Police vehicles/Peds will no longer spawn. - The police uniform is now much higher quality, and Policemen are now not bald :P. - Vanilla Unicorn now has more dancers that spawn naturally inside + a bit of mapwork for the exterior of the building. - The police station has had a bit of a make-over. - Ambulance interior portal only allows ambulance staff to enter, however, civilians can still exit. - Southside Mechanics has been renamed to JCS Performance and moved to Beeker's shop. - Police/Ambulance/Sokudo/JCS performance jobs now will set you to "off duty" when you log in, to go "on duty" you must get into your workwear, to go "off duty" you must get back into your civilian wear. Fixed: - Various exploits with apartments. - Various exploits with boss vaults. - Many other exploits. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag. Notes: This is a very extensive update, you will likely run into some unforeseen bugs, so please be patient and report the bugs, if you don't we will not be able to fix them.
  20. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Boat Shop. - Boat Garage. - /setspikes command for police (Example: /setspikes 1). You can set up to 5 at a time, to remove them press "ALT" + "Up Arrow Key". - Helicopter camera for Police, it is now much easier to spot people from the air! - New lock system. Press "U" to retrieve the keys of the vehicle you are in, works 100% of the time. - You now cannot exit a vehicle unless you unlock the vehicle pressing "U". - You can share your keys by typing "/givekeys ID PLATENUMBER" (Example: /givekeys 1 AES667W). - Hotkey for toggling your vehicle engine, press "Shift + G" to toggle this. - New ALPR for Police (Press "Shift + 5" to toggle the function, and "Shift + 8" to freeze the readings, make sure you have NUMLOCK turned off). - Removed the ability to shuffle seats. - New tow command, if you have a flatbed, simply walk up to the vehicle you wanted to be towed, and type "/tow". - Twilight Car Dealership. - Anti VPN. - Honda NSX. - C7 Corvette. - C63 AMG. - LP570. - M4 GTS. - Mustang 2015. - R35 Skyline. - MP4. - Custom Sentinel. - 240Z. Modified: - Paychecks will no longer come out of society funds. - Gruppe6 job overhaul, this job now has many more functions. - Various handling updates to several Police vehicles. - Various handling updates to Civilian vehicles. Fixed: - Various performance fixes. - Various translation improvements. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag.
  21. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Showroom to Walkers car dealership. - Second car dealer, the owner has not been announced yet. - /roll command (this is a proximity-based command that gives you a random number between 1-10, great for gambling). - /ultraroll does the same as above except it is between 1-100. - Anti combat logging, if you die and log out, you will still be dead when you log in. - A few more cars that will be announced soon Modified: - Paychecks will now be deposited into your bank, rather than your cash. - Paychecks will now come out of the society, so there is now more of an incentive to have money in there to pay your workers. - Paychecks are now more noticeable when you receive them. - Storage space on industrial vehicles, this can now hold MUCH more. - Disabled weapons being able to be put in vehicle storage. - Vehicles will no longer spawn with the radio on (the ones from your garage). - Increased vehicle damage Fixed: - Various bug fixes with duping and such. - Various performance fixes. - Various translation improvements. - Various glitches with property Notes: The vehicle inventories have been set to a state that is more realistic than it was before, you will not be able to do mining runs in a supercar or a motorbike, the aim here is to put more emphasis on using the industrial trucks that the job lets you spawn.
  22. G’day OzzyGamers. This is a comprehensive announcement aimed at answering most questions we have received over the past few weeks. This is basically a short essay, so I apologise for that. Over the past month or so our FiveM server has grown substantially and we are delighted to provide you with an environment to RP in. However, there are a few important topics we need to address. Support We offer most of our support in Teamspeak 3 (ts.ozzy.life) if you hop on here and enter the waiting room, we will try our best to help solve your issue, however, our numbers are limited. There are times that we cannot be on to deal with an issue, in that instance, you can submit a support ticket here. If you have a general inquiry, we have set up a support channel on Discord, which is actively monitored by our staff members. We are always looking for competent people who want to make a difference on our server to join the team, so if this sounds like you, then you can apply here. Rule Enforcement When we first launched our server, we were very soft when punishing rule breakers as the player base was at a very manageable state. With the peak player count over two servers at 56 at our best, we are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain this course of action. We have subsequently decided to start enforcing our rules in a more harsh manner to weed out the people who are here just to troll and make it difficult for those of you who want to be here. If you are here to RP and be a constructive member of the community, then you have nothing to worry about, however, if you are here to troll, fail RP, or break any of our rules, then you will be removed. Regular Players As a regular player, you are expected to have read our rules at least once. If you break any of these rules, then you will be held accountable. It is your responsibility to read the rules. Suggestions Suggestions are very valuable to us, we are always looking to improve our service to you, so if you can think of anything we can do better, let us know here . If you would like to see a certain car added to the game, or a function added to the server, let us know. Business Ownership/Business Whitelisting Applications We understand that a lot of you are enthusiastic about owning a business, we have received over 50 business applications in the last couple of months. There are only so many businesses that we can add to the server. We have added 12 businesses that have progression + have the ability to launder money with 4 more being developed. These businesses are hiring, and you may apply to join one of them here. The existing businesses need workers in order to RP, these organizations are set up in a way that offers progression, who knows, one day you may end up helping manage a business! With this in mind, we need a middle class, meaning not everyone can own a business. Characters We are planning on rolling out further changes to the character switching system, you will be able to have two characters instead of three, one EMS/Police character, and one civilian character. The aim of this is to make your character liable for illegal activity, right now there isn’t really any consequences for illegal activity. When you buy a vehicle, the number plate is saved under your name, which means every time you run from the Police, there is a chance that your plate has been recorded. Every illegal act you do on your character will more than likely be recorded by the Police if caught and followed up by a Detective, so be very careful and try not to get caught. Simply pulling over and talking to the Police officer, and paying a ticket is an easy way to stay off the radar, so consider this before you evade! Development Development on the server is going strong, we have a passionate bunch of people working on updates most nights, we push updates to the live server every couple of weeks to introduce new content/bug fixes/modifications (sometimes weekly). A changelog will generally follow after a server update, they are posted here . The server is about 2 months old and is still in quite early stages of development, so we are doing our best to add content and balance things out, so please be patient. Donations A bunch of you approached us regarding donation perks, we would love to offer these, however, this is impossible. FiveM has a very strict policy in regards to making money off this platform. The only thing we can offer is badges on Teamspeak 3, Discord, and the website. The server runs entirely on donations, so any donations will be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, OzzyGaming FiveM Management Team.
  23. Hi all. We have teamed up with various Australian FiveM servers to combat the increasing number of script kiddies, if you are banned for cheating, your details will be passed on to the other Australian servers, and you will likely be banned. If you are banned from any other Australian server for cheating that ban will apply on our server. This is the first step in creating a global Australian cheating ban list. Don't cheat. Kind Regards, OzzyGaming FiveM Management Team.
  24. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Gruppe 6 Security Job (Has a rank structure + able to launder money). - Airlines Job (Has rank structure + able to launder money) - speak to @Bendacat in relation to applying for this job. - Garbage Job. - Dominos Pizza Job. - Weapon recoil. - New Police SOG gear. - Logging system - we have now added a substantial amount of logs, so think twice before trying to exploit, or lie to staff :P. - LS Customs quick options. - New flatbed with traffic management. - New WRX 2005 car. - Pornhub Blimp Skin (Lol). Modified: - Trucker job (Now has rank structure + able to launder money). - Max amount of Police in service is now 15 (was previously 10). - LS Customs prices. Fixed: - Drug exploitation (you will now be frozen whilst picking drugs). - Various poor translations. Notes: We have added multiple new jobs that have a phone app, these do not all fit on the screen of the phone. You now must use the scroll wheel to access the rest of the apps.
  25. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - The Bahama Mama's job (Contact Dylan Mendoza if you wish to be a part of this). - Walkers Car Dealership (You now need to go through this company to buy vehicles). - Car Wash (you can find these all over the map). - Added a new garage + impound near South Side Customs. - The ability to knock out your opponent in hand to hand combat, there is now a percentage chance of knocking out your opponent. - New racetrack south of the city. - Admin outfit - Admins can now be identified by an orange vest that reads "OzzyGaming Administrator". - You can now crouch by pressing "CTRL". - Re-added bank robbing, this now requires 6 Police to be online to rob. Modified: - The Phone is now modeled after the iPhone X. - Character switching, you can now have a job on each of your characters. - There now needs to be 3 cops online to be able to collect/process/sell drugs. - Moved Walkers Logistics as the new racing track was interrupting the path to complete the mission. - The taser effect now lasts for 20 seconds. - Increased the price of weapons in the black market store and the normal store. - Buffed the job payouts by 50% (except the trucker job). - Fixed the reporter job vehicle spawn. - Buffed the revive reward for Medics. - Buffed the food/water bar (you shouldn't die of hunger/thirst as quickly as before). - Buffed food/water (you should now only need to eat one food + water to fill the bar). - Nerfed legal gun store (you can now only buy pistols form this store, you can buy heavier weapons from the black market). Fixed: - Van Ambulance handling. - Fixed bug with switching back to civilian clothing from ambulance job outfit. - Various ELS issues with PD vehicles.