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  1. In my opinion we should maybe go with the idea that you have to buy attachments to get the cross-hair and cops just get given the attachments on their gun when they spawn in (maybe like 2k dirty to buy attachments) Because in actuality if you remove cross-hairs from everyone I believe that 3rd party cross-hairs would just become rampant and there is no legitimate way to prove if they have it or not whereas if you give everyone cross-hairs it's just going to give trolls and rdmers more means to take you down and I believe that hostile RP is going to be way more rampant than it currently is with no cross-hair's So in my personal opinion I believe that it should be a weapon attachment that gives you the crosshair as it'd also give it a realism element because in some cases it is easier to get a shot on someone with a reticle
  2. do Looks messy af but what can ya do
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