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Trucking Guide 2023

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Hello all

This is a repost of the annoucement that was posted regarding trucking by @Wolf
It is being posted here for 2 reasons 

1. For documentation 

2. Because we know the community doesn't like to read

Trucking update

Hello all, first time posting in a while and that's because I have been on a work trip the past 4 to 5 weeks however I am back now and have brought with me a big update for a civilian job that the development team have been working on, with this job is a complete new system for trucking and is a more enjoyable, rewarding and fun experience for all those involved. Now before I get into the trucking job and a short tutorial on how to use it, this is basically a test to see how the community enjoys the job and if they like the way this job is set up and how it feels, then that is good for us as we are currently working on bringing allot of new content for the civilian side of making money therefore you can enjoy the different types of grinding you can do.

1. Locating the job:

The location for you to find this new job is now located at postcode 18, which is located down at the cargo docks and the reason for this is that its a good fit for the type of jobs you will be doing and the place matches perfectly for it which you will notice when starting the jobs. When you get to postcode 18 you will then see a metal door with the number "3" above it:
20231116120813_1.jpg  as shown in that image there, inside this will be a laptop which when walking up you will see a laptop on a table with 2 red arrows on the ground, walk towards those arrows and a prompt to press E will open. Once pressing E you will then be met with a nice UI system that is pretty straight forward 20231116120825_1.jpg

2. UI Menu

The Menu is very straight forward, the first page is statistics which shows everything about your career and the top 10 drivers in the city, showing the XP and distance they have traveled as shown in this picture "INSERT DISCORD PICTURE". On the Left handside you will see buttons you can click, the next one down is "QUICK JOBS" Now this is the first stage of your experience, for you to earn money if you do not have any money to purchase a truck from the menus store (THIS WILL BE EXPLAINED FURTHER DOWN). On this page you will see a few jobs you are able to complete however there is also other jobs you wont be able to do until you level up and spend skill points such as dangerous goods, electrical, long distance etc which will be explained further down. QUICK JOBS allows you to "rent" a truck when you start the job which means you dont get as much money as if you were using your own truck that you bought through this menu however it allows a new player to still be able to do these jobs and get started to build up experience points and money while trying to purchase a truck of there own. So in short terms, Quick Job is for newer players who don't have money or there own truck to start earning by "renting/borrowing" a truck for each job. The tab below that is labeled "FREIGHTS" and this is where you use your own truck as presented here where you will still need to level up the different categories using the experience points however by using your own truck, you will earn more money compared to the quick jobs for the same distance, this also means this system has its own trucking garage & Diagnostics as presented in the pictures below, which show truck health, fuel and much more and the best part of it is if you place a truck back into the garage, you are able to purchase to have it repaired before you pull it out again.

The rest of the UI is pretty self explanatory, you have a

- Party system (This allows you to party up with your friends by creating a "company" you can all work under, this is so you can work with friends, this is one of the main points I was mentioning above where we want to pursue jobs where you can do Solo or with Friends and still get payed the amount you should be)

- Skill Tree (This is where you spend points to be able to do more jobs, longer distance, receive more markup on the cargo you deliver aka a higher money given per job completed up to 30% when maxed out and a "On time "deliver skill system)

- Dealership for trucks (Yes sadly this means that you will need to purchase the trucks through here to use on this script as the script shows where your truck is at all times GPS wise and indicates a blue arrow which truck is yours and if the script spawns the truck it will work 100% of the time with the script, it sucks but in the long run it is better due to the custom trucks we will be adding in)

- Truck garage

- Bank


3. Starting the Job

- Quick Jobs: Simply find the job you want to do and able to do and simply click the "start Job" and the truck and trailer will spawn on the East side of the building outside in the trailer yard and truck spawner, to make it easier they also appear on your minimap and if there is multible people getting trucks out at the same time, it will also tell you which truck and trailer by simply showing A blue icon visually above your truck and trailer until you enter the truck and hitch the trailer up therefore you cannot get confused which Truck and Trailer is yours.

- Freights: Go into the truck garage and click the "select Truck" and click the "Spawn truck" which will spawn the truck on the East side of the Warehouse, from there go into the Freight Tab and select which mission you want and able to do and click the "Start Job" Trailer will spawn on the East side of the building outside in the trailer yard and truck spawner, to make it easier they also appear on your minimap and if there is multible people getting trucks out at the same time, it will also tell you which truck and trailer by simply showing A blue icon visually above your truck and trailer until you enter the truck and hitch the trailer up therefore you cannot get confused which Truck and Trailer is yours.

4. Completing the Job

Upon finding your truck, simply enter the truck and then reverse your truck up to your trailer and hitch it up by simply reversing the 5th Wheel (The round device where the trailer hitches to the back) and from there a waypoint will appear on your map where to go and simply follow the yellow GPS marker/waypoint. Upon reaching the area you will see 5 Red boxes, the way to do these job is to simply reverse the trailer and truck exactly where the red boxes are, making sure the front of thr truck is pointing towards the Thicker Boxes and the back of the truck/trailer is facing towards the transparent red boxes as shown in images below





As the pictures show, once your truck and trailer is parked then the red boxes will turn green and a prompt will popup to "Press E to park the Cargo," once you do that then you will blackout on your screen for a split second and be prompt a Success with the rewards recieved as shown below

5. Finishing the Job:

- Quick Jobs: You will need to return your truck to the "Truck Garage" located at the warehouse where the vehicle spawned, now be carefully as if you break the truck returning you lose all the progress and money you recieved from the job so drive carefully and do not break down, once you return the truck you will receive your money and XP and can start the next job located at the computer.

- Freight Jobs: Once you park the cargo that's it, unlike Quick Jobs where you need to return the truck to get payed you have already received and you simply go back to the computer and start the next job in Frieght, remember because you have already spawned your truck you do not need to return the truck to start the next job.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does the money go when received

A: In your bank account, we have already set this up

Q: You didnt explain the skilltree?

A: Correct as the skill tree tab has descriptions for each tree to level up what you get out of them, so simply read those descriptions there as theres allot of information there.

Q: How do I put money into the "trucking Account" to purchase trucks

A: Go to the ATM and get the amount you need out from your bank, open the bank tab and click the Deposit money, its exactly the same to remove money from the account, you simply go to the bank tab and click "withdraw".

Q: Why do we have a Bank tab in the menu?

A: For if you start a Company with friends

Q: If I store my truck in a normal garage what happens

A: Quick jobs you simply fail your mission as you did not return the truck back to the company, For Freight with your own truck, absolutely nothing, it gets transported back to the Shipping company's garage

Q: I found a area where I cant reverse the trailer/fit the trailer what do I do

A: We have a discord channel called "Inset channel" where if you come across a bug spot we can then quickly fix it, simply upload a photo of the area and we can find it very easily, however to fix the issue you simply need to return the truck/trailer and click "Cancel Job" in the laptop to begin another one

Q: How many locations do we deliver to

A: It depends on the type of mission/trailer/level/experience etc but all up over 200 locations across the map

Q: Why have you used custom trucks instead of vanilla trucks and why cant we use personal vehicles

A: We wanted to bring the trucking feel to the job and use the custom trucks we have as it adds a better Quality of Life Experience, especially since we have added a extra custom truck just for this script, the "kenworth w900" as pictured below which we believe ever trucky IRL will love to use in the server. Along with that we noticed that if we use a garage in the script system it will never break and always work with working with the script, recognising the truck is there and working with the trailers, we understand it sucks however for QoL and making sure your experience is enjoyable we decided this is the best outcome



Q: Do I need a "trucking job" to do this

A: No, you can be whatever job you like, Whitelisted Businesses, Police, EMS and all the rest and it will not replace or remove you from that job, it simply allows you to do the job without changing your work/job status and keeps all the levels/experience/stats in the script itself therefore you will always have that saved

Q: Is there logs incase I do not get payed/experience points

A: yes, we have also set it up so Staff can easily see the logs to assist you if it ever happens and compensate however best practice as well is to make sure to screenshot when you complete the job, that way incase the logs fail which they should not we can still assist you and be able to compensate you super quickly.

Q: Is there more jobs like this coming?

A: Our mission here is to test to see if the community enjoys these types of jobs, and if its a success then yes we have a project we are working on to bring lot's of these type of jobs to the server, not exactly the same but still the same Quality of Life experience and to enjoy with friends.

Q: is there a light mode for the UI instead of dark mode?

A: .... yes however I am scared for you

Enjoy Reading the Bible Verse

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