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  1. This court case has now concluded. It can be moved.
  2. Due to some confusion relating to the matter of the case being civil or criminal. I have granted a 24 hour extension to the case. The case will now be heard on the 28/7/2021 at 2000 (Server Time). The case will be heard as a criminal case. If the case goes against the PD, I will then hear any civil claims for compensation against the PD.
  3. Thank you for your time all. This matter has been settled out of court. The matter is now closed.
  4. Hello, The court system is there to ensure that all citizens can receive an unbiased overview of a situation they believe they are wrong done by. This is not considered a waste of time or a mockery of justice as this is exactly what the court system is for. The court case will continue at the set time above. Thank you Judge Pierce
  5. Court Date and Time set for 29th July 2021 (Tuesday) at 1900 (7pm Server Time).
  6. Court Date and Time set for 27th July 2021 (Tuesday) at 2000 (8pm Server Time). @[email protected]@Narutaku
  7. Hello NSW PF, Can a police prosecutor please respond to this case. @[email protected]
  8. Hello NSW PF, Can a police prosecutor please respond to this case. @[email protected]
  9. Hello, The DOJ sees your request for a retrial. Based on the claims made in the appeal, I will forward to the Chief Justice. @PandaKaziiI bring this to your attention. Please allow time for Justice Freeman to reply. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce
  10. After speaking with the complainant, it has been decided that the case will be answered by the NSWPF. For clarification, the alleged incident occurred on the 18/7/2021 around the time of 2000 hours. NSWPF can you please have a prosecutor respond. @Narutaku Thank you Judge Pierce.
  11. Hello, The Department of Justice sees your request. I will forward this for consideration by the NSWPF. I will allow 48 Hours for the NSWPF initially respond here and then we will push forward with a court booking. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce @Narutaku
  12. Hello Josh, The Department of Justice sees your request. Can you please contact me via discord email: Penthrox#0001 I would like to have a conversation relating to your application for a court case. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce
  13. Penthrox's Judge Application Application ID #9710 Submitted on 07/18/21 at 03:00:56 AM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Penthrox Penthrox#0001 ---------------------- Character Name Chris Pierce ---------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N ---------------------- Why do you wish to become a Judge? I wish to become a judge to help with the increasing work load of cases that are starting to occur. I believe that I have a fantastic understanding of the law and how it is applied in our fair state. I have the drive and passion to seek the truth out and f
  14. EMS has held 2 triathlons in the past with great success. Shams hosted All Ozzy Adventures which was a 4x4 event all over the island. I am not sure how many events were held but it was popular. ACE Car Club used to host racing events at the airport, rally events, off-road events amongst car meets etc. There were others that used to host 4x4 events on the island but ended up either leaving or joining ORG's. Alas as time goes on, people find other interests, move on to other types of RP or have other RL commitments. This is just another one of the ebbs and flows of the server. This in
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