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  1. Hello All, This will need to be taken to the Government Officials. It is out of the scope for the court system to handle these type of issues. Thank you Judge Pierce
  2. This matter has now been referred to Justice Morgan Freeman @PandaKazii. His honour will respond with further instruction regarding this matter. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce
  3. Hello, I would be happy to hear this retrial. I will be speaking with Justice Freeman and I will reply here with the outcome of that meeting. Book this in tentatively for now and I will give you an absolute answer soon. Just for clarification, I have not issued any warrants for Pitt, nor have I seen the other case meaning there is zero conflict of interest or any bias. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce
  4. Due to the lack of information provided by the client in relation to a specific charge on a specific date, I will be finding in favour of the NSW Police Department. The information time extension was provided, yet nothing was provided to me. This case is now resolved.
  5. Due to the confusion relating to the submission of evidence, I will be allowing more time for both parties to prepare any evidence they may have. The new court booking will be on 9th September, 1900 *7pm* Server Time. @[email protected]@xd pax
  6. Duplicate to this booking: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/16003-xd-paxs-court-booking/
  7. The law book only mentions a time of 7 days for a Bench Trial and Bail hearing, nothing in relation to how long a client may lodge a claim. With in saying that, I will be making a recommendation to the law council members to put a definitive number to prevent the situation from occurring again. Thank you.
  8. I will allow NSWPF to answer the above. @Mitty Thank you. Judge Chris Pierce
  9. Thank you for your patience in this case. After careful deliberation, this case will be trialed as a criminal case from the onset. After the criminal case, the client may then request a civil trial relating to any damages regardless of the outcome of the criminal trial. The trial date will be 8th September, 1900 *7pm* Server Time. If there are any questions please feel free to email me via Discord - Penthrox#0001
  10. Hello, I will allow the NSW Police to respond to this case. @[email protected]@Golaith Please place your response Below. Thank you, Judge Chris Pierce
  11. This court case has now concluded. It can be moved.
  12. Due to some confusion relating to the matter of the case being civil or criminal. I have granted a 24 hour extension to the case. The case will now be heard on the 28/7/2021 at 2000 (Server Time). The case will be heard as a criminal case. If the case goes against the PD, I will then hear any civil claims for compensation against the PD.
  13. Thank you for your time all. This matter has been settled out of court. The matter is now closed.
  14. Hello, The court system is there to ensure that all citizens can receive an unbiased overview of a situation they believe they are wrong done by. This is not considered a waste of time or a mockery of justice as this is exactly what the court system is for. The court case will continue at the set time above. Thank you Judge Pierce
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