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  1. Dis is the very funneh. I very impress and laugh very hard, thanks you.
  2. @Boss C'mon lazy bones, step up your game!
  3. I have serious trust issues with car salesmen...
  4. @Craigus @Joeb @Boss
  5. Ozzy AL needs to be driven by someone passionate and committed enough to get it running and keep it running (For perhaps several months of effort). Someone who doesn't care how hard it gets and to what lengths they need to go to. Someone who focuses on the future and ignores naysayers. People of such conviction are few and far between, Ozzy's AL will never get off the ground properly by mere pointing fingers and expecting others to do it for you. In short, Ozzy needs someone so stubborn that failure is not an option even though it always is. Hopefully @Infinity and @KrazE are such people, only time will tell. Old Ozzy is gone, pandering to vets will not work and this idea that Ozzy can be revived by a large number of salty burnt out ex-OzzyGamers is laughable. Only new blood will work. Ozzy died because no one gave a shit anymore and new players could feel it - so they left. You need good numbers of new players to cope with player turnover. Look at fiveM, it took the server to effectively pack out with new people with only a few vets pushing it passionately, now suddenly old school OG members are turning up to play. Even fiveM clearly understands that people play AL because of roleplay, we can all pretend it should be a warzone but that is not a sustainable model, even in fiveM - look at the people calling for stricter RP rules and a whitelisted server. The further AL drifted from this idea the worse it got, the less enforced rules just added to the downward slide. The rules don't have to be complex nor all encompassing but they do have to be enforced to stop toxic behaviour which is why discretion is an important part of the rules.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_mafia Not originally perhaps, the word Mafia is Italian but doesn't stop the Russians using it.
  7. I'm just trying to figure out if he tried to make his name GrumpyCat but the autocorrect on Grumpy didn't work out properly?
  8. Most people don't have too lol. Just like any game, the weak shit is cheap and easy to get. You want the best stuff, you have to work for it. Don't think 6 hours is anything except too short considering the amount of shit you get for it.
  9. Most people don't need: "4 ifrits 2 mk200s with 3 belts each and 4 gilli and 4 ctrg vests" Sounds like a weak excuse, this is a game, you have to earn stuff. Unless you are a truly shit player, that equipment alone should last a long ass time lol
  10. In my defence, that was a completely certified legal driving manoeuvre. You just forgot to give way to trucks larger than your own...
  11. Blow me coppa, I'll drive as fast as I want. Besides they say speed kills, in my experience it only kills the cops chasing you LOLOLOLOL #BringBackDriverTrainingForShittyCops
  12. He is a distraction, to give you 5 seconds headstart. He'll die for sure but you can use his death to keep yourself alive, so that may be worth it for some haha