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  1. This forum looked lonely so I thought, what better place to spread some joy? Now, serious question: Is CS:GO surf actually fun or is it just people showing off their knives to get e-peen points? I have never owned CS:GO so that may explain why I don't really understand it with it's seemingly very basic physics... why not just play ARMA - the stairs might kill you but boredom probably won't
  2. Modded KOTH out now

    RHS KotH is best KotH - especially with the optional sound mods. Cannot see why anyone would play without them, the Russian vehicles are a total meme but the AK's are good for killing the yanks.
  3. This is why Ozzy cannot have nice things.
  4. The modded maps are normally ungodly massive, which doesn't suit RP. Normally very sparely covered with objects because of their size which is also boring. I'd prefer small areas that are interesting to play in over huge ones. The modded vehicles are always shit, they handle like rocket propelled snowplows which just sucks. Most of us have driven cars and nothing is more annoying than a car that doesn't handle in away way like an actual car haha. TFR would be pretty good but I always found the huge TS channels pretty weird, just looks odd to see everyone in one channel and not having a massive meme-fest, my prefered community meetings were just all about the shit talking.
  5. Ah, good old times. But even you have to admit the bugtracker was very effective - love it or hate it, the proof was in the pudding. 10/10 would tell you off for not using the bugtracker again lol
  6. I'd like to make an informal vote of 1:1 but doesn't really bother me either way, haven't seen much evidence of it helping the server except in hugely differing cases. Like 10 cops to 1 civ is an issue but most of the time a small overpop of cop isn't too terrible, especially because they are easy to avoid. Everyone knows the patrol routes and most likely encounter zones so just stay out of them and you'll be golden to be as illegal as you please. I've never been put off playing Civ because of too many cops, it only puts me off joining cop; if there are too many it is boring and tedious (and the comms normally suffer as a result). But I accept people may feel differently about it. Besides, no protocol for Civ and you get to be the aggressor and pick your fights with the cops. The cops just have to deal with the hand you deal them, easier to slaughter a large group of cops than gang members because they are easy to spot and identify
  7. @Nuts is a mall cop with armoured segway. Stop lying to people, Infinity. And he STILL wouldn't use a Prowler, that is how shit they are. May as well add SPG go-carts, they would be safer...
  8. Where is my squad server at? This is discrimination!
  9. New protocol is out bois, so I took a gander at it and other than the newly added formatting issues is looks pretty good... lol, anyways hilarious side points aside let's have a chat about it. Lets start with the first point 1.1, why does it say you will be banned? When it should be blacklisted? @Caldweld @Zaydan @Ryan King @The Silverback Is corruption a bannable offence? This does not make things clear. Or too what extent is corruption bannable? To what extent is 1.10 defined? And how will this be moderated, as this clause was never used in the old systems but available as a last resort (Thus Deputy and Commissioner only) but this rewrite seems to invite officers to make use of it. I'm all for getting a SAC to grant me permission to break protocol freely but quickly that undermines the point. 3.1 do verbal threats count? I mean it is threatening to be threatened 3.12 is fun, I assume it means intentionally. If someone is spraying my SUV in the middle of the road, the get out animation will get me killed so what if I forget to brake? Thus my SUV happened to hit him and then he gets dead. Just get the devs to change the damage handling so the knockover never happens - go back to old ARMA with death by car. VDM needs its time in helpdesk too. Personally I have always felt that 4.17 is silly, anyone who wears their airsoft gear around the streets will get stopped, questioned and likely searched in NZ, probably in Aus too. If there is a gunfight and someone is seen fleeing without a weapons, that would be grounds for suspicion. Let's be real, it isn't that easy in real like to shove a rifle in a backpack and blend in lol. Mainly because Rifles are big and real bags are pretty small haha 4.20 (lol... edgy) What is the max fine again? Did the increase get rolled back, I don't recall - what? It has been over 8 months What has actually changed in 12.1? 12.4 well... that is hardly very roleplay very disappoint Who is running the Black-Ops, corruption olympics division? Sorry, I mean who is running the Undercover division? 16.1 rank is too low. NCO roles are so trivial they should be included, historically only CO ranks mattered for activity which is feel is sensible 16.2 So does this mean that the 5 hours still applies to everyone? Why up from 4? It was hard enough to get good officers to stay. Compelling them with threats to rank never really worked out haha but did allow for removing people who quit - which was really the purpose of the clause. 16.3 What LOA form? And what rights do Cabnoot reserve to judge the validity of them? Bulldog always took months of BS LOA's because he didn't feel like it. What will you do in such situations? 17.1 No mention of changing CO? What happens if a more senior officers gets on, then what happens - can they take CO or only if the CO gives it? What if only SO's are online, do they have to take it or give it to someone random? Granted there are good reasons for both - SO taking CO helps them demonstrate what is expected assuming they are any good and helps connect the force to the highest ranks, ensures that people feel the SO's are still there and playing. If they don't have to then they can opt out and just give it to someone to observe how they manage... or they could be just being lazy kinda depends on the case. So could go either way or both but currently goes unmentioned. 19 - too sparse really. I think this should be expanded, removing people who are shit is hard if there are no criteria for it. As they say, it is very hard to take back a promotion. 25.8 given how antsy people get about promotions why not expand this to state they don't count if they are in the same gang. Everyone seems to lose their damn minds about senior ranks lol because reality doesn't matter. Now to make some comments on the Pilot rules. @Chris Evans So excited to see these rules back... not. Anyway, 4.0 is just the start of that epic jerk circle in pilot - only 25 Senior Pilots, why bother? Pilot was always the biggest wank in the cop force except when detective was used to create a different set of rules to suit themselves and their leader. More effort should be made to leave Pilot rank to demonstrated skill, not creating homoerotic elite clubs for little reason. Too many Cabinet members is an issue for decision making but too many senior pilots isn't an issue for any reason at all lol. 5.9 Sorry... what? How can a grounded instructor teach people to fly? Shouldn't grounded instructors not be instructors? Clearly their judgement is lacking unless you are going to simply ground people for accidents which is a bit of a shit thing to do. Please, Pilot worked so well until stupid shit around Senior Pilot quotas, barely capable instructors and bullshit points systems turned up. It is a certification not a full time role (if you don't want it to be) by your own admission. Now for SPG @Infinity Lets try and avoid an elitist wankfest like both SPG and Pilot used to be. I'm happy for you that it is back... but seriously, make some effort for it not to be the most boring bs on the force lol. Remove Prowlers, they are a pile of shit. Use a hunter or an SUV, Prowlers are disappointments with wheels. I cannot think of a worse thing to enter a firefight in. I doubt @Nuts rolls around in a convertible to do his work... just saying. Given that I have yet to see more than 6 cops on at any given time, is it an issue that it will likely be months before SPG can even launch? SPG always jerked around and pretended it wasn't a tactical kill squad... but that is what it is designed to do. Yes tazing and such is best but let's be real... all the words in the world saying it isn't when it blatantly is won't change much . Just look at your own description of it lol. What is the SPG interaction with the CO? Are they assuming CO, do they get to ignore the CO are they the CO's personal pet squad to do as they please? Arguably the Team Leader is simply the tactical and operational instructions for optimal safe performance but has no control over what the CO instructs them to do. If you make them seperate to work individually then that just makes issues for the CO because SPG seldom acknowledge the chain of command - SPG is a certification (correct?) so they have no natural authority of their own. Prowlers are the biggest joke in ARMA besides murderous stairs. Just saying, don't do that shit. SPG was good when Yuki ran it, channel your inner Yuki. He didn't use shitty Prowlers, embrace the Yuki-ism. Let the comments be freeeee! Comments and discussion advised and encouraged but don't hurt my feelings or I might cry. <3 Molotov
  10. I recommend a better game than CS:GO - so anything really. Maybe go play on the life server...
  11. Part of the issue is the addictive propensity for servers to adopt massive mod lists, huge in size and scope. Often killed by patches or requiring massive updates constantly to play. This was even more notable for any mod which could not be updated in the workshop and thus automatically by steam. Mods provide interesting differences in the game, normally appearance based. But people get used to that, just like they get used to vanilla ARMA 3. The only thing the holds people for a long time is the sense of community and the feeling of momentum of the server - progress can be in many forms, everything from development and map updates through to progress through faction ranks. Long periods of stasis will kill a server but nowhere near as quickly as poor behaviour left unchecked to damage the culture of the community itself. No amount of modding will ever give additional progress, not at its heart. It is the age old issue with games in general, players need things to achieve and aim for. Always something more that they can earn. That is why database wipes bolster the population more than you lose it - those who leave normally come back once they get over the temporary feeling of loss (no human likes to lose things, even if it is in their best interest - give out a bogus rank to someone and then take it away and see how they feel). You spend most of your time with all the gear, houses, money and vehicles - then there is nothing more to do really. So you need pressure to make continued earning a requirement but never such a grind that players feel they never get anywhere or the loss of a single asset could take weeks to recover. On the flip side, wipes and such should never be so common that players never feel there is any point to earning everything anyway. I would suggest that 6 months is probably a good time period. Another good piece of evidence is the use of cheat codes back in the day, you cheat in everything you could ever need in a game and you stop playing. It is boring without things to earn or achieve - the challenge is destroyed. People think they want easy and ask for free stuff (Striders, money, houses etc), but their subconcious betrays them and shows that is not what they want. A game is not a game without a sense of achievement. A good way to see this in action is to look at extremely successful game models, see what core elements make them work like CS:GO or World of Warcraft. There is no point mimicking them in game but elements of their function can provide the inspiration required.
  12. Very generous but I'll pass.
  13. Would it be safe to assume this has some meaning? Or are you just posting random (names?) on the forum in an attempt to make friends?