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FiveM 2.4.1 Change log [22/07/2019]

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G'day Gamers.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.

Notes: Since the last update, the development team *cough* Caldweld *cough* have been focusing more on performance based improvements, rather than adding additional features more than anything. We have managed to to improve numerous scripts that were otherwise very performance intensive. This means that some of you may notice a slight increase of frames.

We have also been implemented "silent" updates that have not been listed in any website patch notes, so those will be included here too.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!!

How to clear your cache:


  • Various new CID tools (cannot go into specifics as this would spoil some surprises ;)).
  • New courthouse mapping.
  • Notepad type /notes (you can drop notes for other players).
  • New inventory system (also for vehicles).
  • Added Discord Rich Prescence.
  • Optional way for Police to log their impounds in-game rather than Discord. Simply type /if to bring up the interface, once submitted, it will post to the impound channel for you.
  • Various mapping additions, I will leave this all to you to discover.


  • A notable update to markers (circles). These will now take a little longer to detect your presence once you get close (usually around 3 seconds).
  • Some Police vehicles are now back for testing.
  • Death-tax has been reduced.
  • Early respawn bug has been fixed.
  • Garage will now notify you of the correct prices (not pre wipe prices).
  • Big admin tools/report system update, this should streamline things a lot more now.
  • Fixed issue with people who are not EMS not being kicked out of EMS vehicles.
  • Added the missing vehicles to the Police version of the above ^^.
  • Jail has been modified with some improvements (It should no longer be an asshole and keep jailing you for longer).
  • Diving suits, and light diving suits now look much better.
  • Invoices are now character specific (soft wiped existing invoices).
  • Police CAD invoices are also now character specific.
  • Revamp of major banks (excluding Union Depository). They now require various items to rob, the location of these items can be acquired from your resident bank robber, Snipes Murphy.
  • Various loading screen changes have been implemented.
  • Fixed issue with the inventory being accessible whilst dead.
  • EMS now have access to a CPR animation that does not revive people (used for other role-play avenues).
  • /announce fixed (lol).
  • Various bank robbery payout changes.
  • Voice circle has been disabled as it seems to be quite performance intensive.
  • Issue with zip ties spamming has been fixed.
  • Removed fog from the weather cycle as it has been reported that this is an FPS killer.
  • Fixed issue where people could access the ATM inside of a vehicle.
  • Some of the more ugly chat notifications now conform to the new style.
  • MANY performance improvements.
  • And much more that I have inevitably forgotten about. However, I will add them here if I remember......................................
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24 minutes ago, Boss said:
  • Revamp of major banks (excluding Union Depository). They now require various items to rob, the location of these items can be acquired from your resident bank robber, Snipes Murphy.

Ha ha finally the bank overhaul I've been waiting for. Doesn't change the fact that they all change into clusterfucks eventually but still.

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Well, in OzzyGaming they say ÔÇô that the player's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then ÔÇô the true meaning of Update came through, and the Devs found the strength of 7 people, plus two!


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