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  1. Welcome mate, hope you have a good time on Ozzy. Got any questions just ask (y)
  2. Hi there

    To become a police officer, you need to apply on the forums under the 'Forms' tab, then 'FiveM', 'Police Application' (pictured). Be sure to have enough civilian experience first as it will likely better prepare you for the job and increases your chances of being asked to sit an interview. Then just wait back on a response regarding your application and you will be asked to sit an interview in TS if successful. You will also likely be told to familiarise yourself with some documentation regarding the Police's duties on OzzyGaming. I think notable documents may include: OzzyGaming laws (not rules but laws enforced by police) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LKnR9H899coefZLC7rUM1xcKvgtsnp4qt-beewhyb20/edit Police Uniform Code - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KWCJsoCFNkvkbCV_kyjFOVNGgWj0MXei-xdQV7yw2Qc/edit#slide=id.g4edcf4a783_0_5 Police Protocol - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VNq7i-Q9-Z1y9mNwIYACzrU-kAE_JMrDcwUENndyaho/edit Hope this helps and best of luck
  3. Regarding Exploreer's comment. I think it would be extremely beneficial to have some training/expectation regarding Police interaction and moulding officers to have a healthy and productive attitude. I feel too often that situations can be defused just based on having an appropriate and non-volatile attitude. It feels as though many officers have obtained an "IDGAF" attitude either through misrepresentation in media or the need to feel powerful - you'll find that this is rarely the case with most real police officers as it just makes their own job that much harder. Very interesting and I would like to see how this will have an effect on the PD!
  4. Good luck to all of the candidates! I will be submitting my vote a little later when I have had a longer think about who I would like in the position. I think you would all agree that winning the election will be the easiest part about being the Police Commissioner and trust you will do the other candidates and the PD proud. Good job to you all for getting this far and let it be a staple of your good work within the PD.
  5. Regarding Exploreer's comment. A good read. I had no doubt that you had ideas regarding what you would want to implement in the PD, as do the other two candidates. If I am being perfectly candid, of the three candidates up for selection I feel most confident that you have the right attitude and qualities for the job. Like I said before, anyone can suggest ideas, that is not what a leader is there for. A leader needs certain characteristic elements which oftentimes cannot be taught but rather are intrinsic in nature. From my limited interaction with the three candidates, I feel you have remained the most level-headed and impartial in decision-making processes. I hope you are able to make the tough decisions, and do what is right - not what is popular. If you do that, you will be very fit for role. That being said, I have not made my decision just yet, and I am ready to be persuaded.
  6. People aren't lemmings - they won't vote for someone because you tell them to. If you actually endorse someone then try and highlight what makes them good; give us a reason to vote for them. Also don't tell people to not vote for someone because that just makes you look like an Opfer and doesn't work in your favour.
  7. I used to have a mathematics teacher who would call everyone poppets... damn that's a throwback
  8. I read all the applications 22 hours ago when the post was made. It didn't take long...
  9. Anyone here part of the @Exploreer club? Haven't fully decided yet but surprised I haven't seen his name in these comments...
  10. Fallout 76

    That's good then. Now I recall that video where the person trashes (a GameStop?) because he couldn't return his copy
  11. Fallout 76

    Hot mess confirmed.
  12. Most of the candidates have addressed specific changes or systems they would like to implement which is of course good. However, only one of the candidates really addressed their suitability for a leadership role - anyone can enact changes but not everyone makes an effective leader. Actual true leadership qualities aren't always understood by all but when they are present they are the hallmark of the department. I think that it is vastly more important that the commissioner has these leadership qualities rather than just a bag of equipment, rank changes or training ideas in mind. Anyone can come up with those recommendations and those sorts of things are often opinions shared by a large number of members (or at the very least, can be suggested to the commissioner by a lower rank). That being said, I have not made my decision just yet. I came into this vote pretty much blind and not having any real applicant in mind, but I feel reassured by _diz's application.
  13. Don't know why I didn't see this post earlier... There should be some guides on this forum that may help you out. Best to be safe than get yourself in trouble in the beginning! Cubix (one of our admins) made a wonderful little post that I will share with you below. If you have any questions just reach out in OOC, Discord, TS or here. Good luck mate. @CubixNZ
  14. Welcome, Timbo! Hope you have a good time here mate