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  1. Police Let me starting by saying the Police are L.E.O.s - Law Enforcement Officers. The "E" does not stand for education. By all means, an officer will endeavour to best explain each offence laid against you and how exactly it violates the law. Do not misinterpret or mistake their job. They are not responsible for your knowledge of the law. Just because you did not know that your vehicle needs a minimum 100mm clearance from the ground, or that the rear window requires a visible light transmittance of no less than 20% provided there are 2 affixed side mirrors, or that neon lighting under your car is illegal, does not mean you will not be ticketed for it. Quite bluntly, some of you need to come back down to Earth and realise that you do not need to "win" in every situation. Accept your $250 speeding ticket rather than shooting the officer dead where he stands. Stop calling cops corrupt. Unless you have sound knowledge of New South Wales' laws (which let us face it, you probably do not), then do not sit there whinging and complaining for five minutes calling all cops corrupt because they are enforcing the 40km/h speed limit when passing stationary emergency vehicles. You would be surprised how many self-proclaimed lawyers are out there who think shooting someone dead for stealing your car from across the road is "self defense." Spoiler alert: It is not; that is called murder. The more compliant you are and the better your RP attitude, the more allowance the officer will give you. The difference can really be night and day. If you get pulled over in a stolen car, the onus is on you to provide something better than "it's a rental." You would be surprised just how nice cops can be if you put in a little effort and play along. The Law The basics of the law are common sense. When you get an officer who pulls you over for something you were not aware of, there is no need to get angry with them. Instead, let them RP it out, have them explain the law to you so you can understand it. Then you will know better for next time. "Everyone else does/has it," is not a valid excuse. Remember, the Police are not only there to apprehend bank robbers - they enforce parking laws too. If you decide to evade from a traffic ticket then do not complain when you are sent to jail for evasion of Police and your vehicle is striked. Also, for all you gun lovers out there, if you decide to brandish a dangerous item (weapon) in public, the Police are permitted to search your person to explore the legality of that item and its use. If they happen to find your bag of cocaine in the process then do not complain. One great piece of advice that I give people is to imagine themselves as Police officers. When you fall victim to a criminal's actions ask yourself: what would a Police officer do? Remember, Police are not above the law so they generally have a very good understanding of how to stay within it - Police officers just have extra privileges that help them to enforce the law. When someone steals your car from across the street, stop and think. Would a Police officer shoot that person? No. If someone swears at you on the street, stop and think. Would a Police officer punch that person? No. You A Police officer doing his job and his duty is no reason for you to kick up a fuss. If you have broken the law and are being punished for doing so, that is fair play. Do not direct your anger or frustration from "losing" towards the Police. Remember, the Police will generally reward you for better RP attitude and for playing along fairly. Sometimes you need to admit when you are wrong and allow the Police officer to do their job. Yes, sometimes you get hard done by which can suck - for example, you may be the one person out of five that got caught doing drugs but that is not the Police's fault. An officer enforcing the law on you at the time instead of someone else is not corruption so do not act like it is. You are not always right. Let the Police officer talk. This goes hand-in-hand with the law; if you create a huge commotion and a scene things can only get worse for you. The law allows Police certain abilities to stop, detain, question, search and charge individuals relating to offences. This generally comes under two important notions: "reasonable suspicion" and "probable cause." If you are compliant and assist Police officers with their investigation, then you will be much better off. If you choose to be resistant and run from the Police, then you are actually granting them further reason to be suspicious of you.
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  3. Well, in OzzyGaming they say – that the player's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Update came through, and the Devs found the strength of 7 people, plus two!
  4. The only time this plays a role is when civilians are in a shootout with Police (as it is non x-hair versus x-hair). If you want to be able to kill 10 cops then you should be playing GTA Online, not FiveM. Not to mention that the people who complain about cops having crosshairs are the same people who boast about how many cops they can kill and how bad the Police are at shooting...
  5. Taser would be abused by civilians to no end. Just because the minority exploit through overlays doesn't mean we should just slap a crosshair on everyone to "even the playing field."
  6. ... Cops without crosshairs? *PSC reports increase by 2000%* I've seen a lot of officers' aim with crosshairs (including yours) and it genuinely scares me to think what no x-hairs would be like... Cops have a lot more liability with their aim, they can't just send hordes of bullets down range.
  7. Damn, Brazen haha this is the old election...
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  9. My thoughts on what should be changed... For example, make the: maximum criminal group size: 5 cops required for a single robbery: 6 maximum amount of cops that can attend a single robbery: 8 cops required for 2 simultaneous robberies: 12 maximum amount of cops that can attend 2 simultaneous robberies: 16 (8 at each) So any robbery will have 6 to 8 cops in attendance, and 2 can occur at the same time as long as 12+ cops are on duty.
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