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  1. Howdy pardner... I don't know anything about Pikachus or kitties that say hello...
  2. Introduction

    Howdy pardner, and welcome
  3. Hi

  4. hey emily

  5. Try and find it, probs in suggestions or general discussion. A LOT was brought up on them. Pros and cons.
  6. This has been discussed numerous times. Unfortunately, they removed the forum search function I believe, so I can't find those posts for you.
  7. Non-whitelist: maybe weed / landscaping or something? idk someone else would be better at telling you Whitelist: EMS / mechanic / cop
  8. Congratulations winners (y)
  9. Hi

    You can apply for Police here: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forms/3-fivem-police-whitelisting-application/ Unfortunately, EMS applications are currently closed for an indefinite period.
  10. Vehicle Engines

    As long as the sound is not absolute ear r*pe then +1
  11. That's the way the cookie crumbles.