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  1. Sorry mate didn't realise you knew what was going on as you havnt been around for so long. Also let's not start calling people out on the Forums yes?
  2. Kinda what happens when no one really helps you
  3. So glad to be part of a team that puts so much in for the community. Strength in unity!
  4. Hi I am Havoxa. I am sure many of you have had the pleasure (depends who you ask) of meeting me. I have been in the community for roughly 3-4 months now and loving every minute of it. I am also part of the staffing team here and i love working at making this community the best i can. My channel is always open to you all so feel free to have a chat at any time. Havoxa
  5. Is the absence of the police CAD due to the server updates or just bugs at this point?
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