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  1. Seems to be about what I'd expect for a graphics mod of it's caliber. If you want absolutely the best than it's still your best bet, others may be better for performance.
  2. Assuming the new version will support FiveM i'd be looking at NVE myself, you literally can't get any better than the photo realistic graphics in that mod.
  3. Yeah uh I might've left some stains in the office of the club while you were out don't worry i'm sure they'll come out.
  4. Ha ha finally the bank overhaul I've been waiting for. Doesn't change the fact that they all change into clusterfucks eventually but still.
  5. Good to see you back bud, but where my boy officer Bear be at?
  6. Watch this one boys, you'll find him hungover in the restrooms of Galaxy soon
  7. Did you remove bahama mamas? Because I don't see it listed here in the removed section.
  8. Don't diss the Vanilla Boys, you'll understand the dire circumstances we're in right now when you get your own bar. But yes we're very poor pls give us money...
  9. All my free alcohol gone, well guess we gotta start charging more
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