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  1. Aw shit I forgot I was subscribed to this thread, still not complaining.
  2. Yeah uh I might've left some stains in the office of the club while you were out don't worry i'm sure they'll come out.
  3. I've pulled off some pretty crazy shots in my day without the cross-hair and i'd chalk most of them up to skill and some really lucky shots on most of them. But 6 in a row is a bit much even for someone like me that has 100s of hours in GTA 5 and has memorised where the cross-hair should be on their screen (hint: its the middle of the screen). There's skill and then theres just this. You could explain it away as first person mode but when 6 people drop like that in rapid succession its more than a bit suspicious. At the rate this guy is downing them I wouldn't rule out the use of an aimbot (look at 0:45 in the video and how fast he downs 3 people with headshots). The point I guess i'd like to point out is this game or more specifically the server is not like COD its very different. People shooting each other left and right shouldn't be commonplace and hell with the show this guy put on I wouldn't be surprised if he was banned for mass RDM. So when the shootouts do happen there needs to be fairground between combatants and as such cross-hairs were ditched (well except for cops because they're special ). So if people start using their own cross-hairs while playing then the balance is ignored and there is a whole lot of issues. I know this isn't exactly the place to say it but honestly giving everyone cross-hairs would be a better fix than ditching them altogether. Because then people won't feel inclined to use their own.
  4. Take notes people... Y'know I'm starting to get the feeling some of the staff aren't in it to do what they signed up for. Rather to use their, I'll pay more attention to the staff more ingame and their habits when it comes to handling reports and tickets. It could just be that they're understaffed but I know for a fact that there is quite a lot of fivem staff on-board right now so that shouldn't be an issue.
  5. Ha ha finally the bank overhaul I've been waiting for. Doesn't change the fact that they all change into clusterfucks eventually but still.
  6. Good to see you back bud, but where my boy officer Bear be at?
  7. If civvies can't have it cops shouldn't either. They already have armour and rifles anyway so its even more unfair. On the other hand if everyone had crosshairs it would be balanced still, it doesn't make a difference that cops have to deal with many violent individuals. They either need to get gud or get fired for sucking at their job. Hell I can fire a pistol from a moving vehicle without the crosshair and still kill peeps so its not impossible to get good without using a crosshair it just requires training.
  8. Give one of them a unicorn mask and we have a deal +1
  9. Watch this one boys, you'll find him hungover in the restrooms of Galaxy soon
  10. Learn to space things out a little that sentence gave me a haemorrhage
  11. Try for a guardian, they're not very common around due to the price which is a little bit out of budget for you, put they can carry 180kgs and go offroad. Also not really much of an incentive if you're on your own but it can carry 6 people. The price last time I checked was 1.8 mil but since nobody is looking for them anymore you might be able to snag one if they're being sold at the dealership for less. It might require a bit of haggling to do.
  12. Did you remove bahama mamas? Because I don't see it listed here in the removed section.
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