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  1. Good to see you back bud, but where my boy officer Bear be at?
  2. If civvies can't have it cops shouldn't either. They already have armour and rifles anyway so its even more unfair. On the other hand if everyone had crosshairs it would be balanced still, it doesn't make a difference that cops have to deal with many violent individuals. They either need to get gud or get fired for sucking at their job. Hell I can fire a pistol from a moving vehicle without the crosshair and still kill peeps so its not impossible to get good without using a crosshair it just requires training.
  3. Give one of them a unicorn mask and we have a deal +1
  4. Watch this one boys, you'll find him hungover in the restrooms of Galaxy soon
  5. Learn to space things out a little that sentence gave me a haemorrhage
  6. Try for a guardian, they're not very common around due to the price which is a little bit out of budget for you, put they can carry 180kgs and go offroad. Also not really much of an incentive if you're on your own but it can carry 6 people. The price last time I checked was 1.8 mil but since nobody is looking for them anymore you might be able to snag one if they're being sold at the dealership for less. It might require a bit of haggling to do.
  7. Did you remove bahama mamas? Because I don't see it listed here in the removed section.
  8. The main point against the whitelisted server was splitting up the player base basically keeping all the good honest players to one server while all the RDMing fail rp scum are left to roam free on the other servers. I would be fine with a whitelisted server hell put me on the whitelist right now I'm hyped but at the same time there is so many problems with separating the player base that might need to be looked into. As far as I know that discussion also ended with the staff saying that they are never planning to make a whitelisted server so we'll see. I think their logic is ozzy has always been casual rp so its not as serious as other (often whitelisted) servers are. The RDM and fail rp does go against their rules but people are allowed to do as little or as much rp as they want which is unlike most of other serious rp servers. I think the whitelist might make things feel more serious and might ruin the feeling somewhat. Also its not like I know what you're trying to do here, you're not gonna make ozzy the new Australian nopixel.
  9. I'm the fastest gun in the West
  10. Don't diss the Vanilla Boys, you'll understand the dire circumstances we're in right now when you get your own bar. But yes we're very poor pls give us money...
  11. All my free alcohol gone, well guess we gotta start charging more
  12. Congrats mate, i've heard from your co-workers you're a pretty good guy and from what i've seen myself I know more than enough that you can indeed make the police force great again!!
  13. Explorer or JJ would be fine for me, but you're allowed to pick who you want.
  14. I think what i'm doing like last time is voicing my opinion on who I want to vote for and just sitting back and watching what happens next. All the candidates are good don't get me wrong but you gotta choose someone at some point. I really like these really intellectual conversations we get up to on here.
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