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  1. All my free alcohol gone, well guess we gotta start charging more
  2. Congrats mate, i've heard from your co-workers you're a pretty good guy and from what i've seen myself I know more than enough that you can indeed make the police force great again!!
  3. Explorer or JJ would be fine for me, but you're allowed to pick who you want.
  4. I think what i'm doing like last time is voicing my opinion on who I want to vote for and just sitting back and watching what happens next. All the candidates are good don't get me wrong but you gotta choose someone at some point. I really like these really intellectual conversations we get up to on here.
  5. Hey we should vote for Explorer, he seems like a cool dude. That and he hasn't had anyone mention him at all during this whole poll unlike the other two candidates which have been soaking up all of the attention. Edit: my vote is going to Explorer when the polling opens, he has shown us that he has many leaderships qualities the other candidates have not shown and I can really respect that.
  6. he's been mostly unmentioned, I wouldn't mind if he won but i'm still supporting mek. My suggestion, read all of their applications. Some of them are really detailed and explain how they could really make a difference. The others, well...
  7. This is your definition of a riot right?
  8. Just scroll up a bit you'll get the joke
  9. Anyone on the administration team is a interesting choice for commissioner.
  10. We've reached the endgame, anyone could win this.
  11. I'm all in on Mek, because I've read through his large list of changes and it seems he wants to improve the force in a large RP way which is great because, its a RP server... Although I like the larger focus on regulation he wants to introduce because many cops on all sections of the ranks have become to go more off the rules (you know who you are). This line is perfect considering the things i've seen in my life in crime. Yes in case you are wondering you are talking to a very prominent gang leader on the server. The way I would hope for things to work in our robberies are for everything to go off without a hitch, but obviously this is not ideal for the PD and isn't possible in most situations. So its still reassuring that some regulations are being followed and you guys are trying to be as fair on us as we often try to be with you, while you're trying to take us down. Not to mention the first aid training would be a good way to return the cops ability to revive, even if it was only for minor injuries and returned someone to their feet with a small amount of health. Also i'm a big supporter anti grind on the server and while a probationary constable is obviously not going to be a detective any time soon its great that people have a easier choice over their role in the police force, because not everyone wants to be a basic patrol officer. Me and Mek have a lot of history. I've probably known him since I started on the server, back when he was a probationary constable like many of you have been in the past. Since then he's been the most committed cop i've ever met. Every-time I hop online I often see him patrolling around and while i'll often not see him when i'm going about my business its great to see he's playing the game the way he likes. Thats why I trust everything he put into this application because I know he has experience in the field and is a genuinely good guy. Not to mention he doesn't already own a business or is a server administrator (I'm talking to you Ralph, when are you going to open downtown cab co?). A vote for Mek is not wasted because you'll get a bunch of changes in the police force which makes it more realistic and fun overall. Good luck buddy from everyone at John Doe Enterprise!!
  12. It works now give me my free Big Mac
  13. I'd recommend Spider-man for the PS4 just got it for Christmas and I've already 100% completed it, definitely worth the money.
  14. It disappeared from my discord server list and I can't join it with the invite, help.
  15. Okay some sort of IP ban might be the problem here, but my question is why?
  16. Good news is that I'm not banned. I checked it with another account the link on the forum is expired Also it seems that new links that are sent to me are also invalid. (I'm using a second verified discord account to check this).
  17. I don't think I was. I haven't done anything wrong to get me banned I hope