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  1. I'd recommend Spider-man for the PS4 just got it for Christmas and I've already 100% completed it, definitely worth the money.
  2. It disappeared from my discord server list and I can't join it with the invite, help.
  3. Okay some sort of IP ban might be the problem here, but my question is why?
  4. Good news is that I'm not banned. I checked it with another account the link on the forum is expired Also it seems that new links that are sent to me are also invalid. (I'm using a second verified discord account to check this).
  5. I don't think I was. I haven't done anything wrong to get me banned I hope
  6. I'm kinda new to the fivem servers (i've been around for like 2 weeks) and I'm enjoying my experience on the server so far. You'll probably see me in-game riding around as #theGreyWatcher "A vigilante who dishes out justice swiftly". Still looking for police approval however If you don't see me patrolling the streets i'm probably making an honest living as the owner of a salvage company. (But seriously can I get a permit to fight crime?). Hope to see you on the streets, don't get into trouble or #theGreyWatcher will come looking for you.