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Upgrade the slots to 180 on our server!

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Quick question/discussion for the community as to why we are not able to utilise more slots on the server.
We are really restricting our RP by only being able to have 85 slots...Compare it other Australian FiveM's like FDG who run 180 slots and manage to fill them too.
Would be great to get more people on for better RP.

Just unsure as to if other communities can do it successfully why cant we? With all the donations Ozzy must get monthly it must be possible.

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Hello PandaKazii,

We evaluate our servers slots progressively. The dedicated server which the FiveM server operates on has plenty of available hardware capacity for a much greater number of slots. The question is really around framework stability and server enjoyment/experience for players.

We do not increase slots on the release of major new updates (like today) as we already have to troubleshoot any issues introduced. But it is presently under review and will be for a while to be sure the new update has been successful.

We are mindful of the experience of players, if performance is negatively affected or too many people are present then the experience as a whole degrades. Even the seemingly mundane issues like more slots requires more staff. We have added and will be adding more staff regardless to improve our coverage and distribute the workload better.

At a fundamental level: we would always prefer 85 players having a solid and enjoyable player experience rather than push to say 150 that sucks for everyone online. The slot limit is used to maintain server health in a number of ways and isn't as simple as just whether we could get that many people logged in.

We continue to review this in the coming weeks.


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