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  1. Isaac

    Hello all

    Howdy mate and welcome to ozzy
  2. Howdy, Usually donation 'rewards' are applied to the account after you re log when you bought it, If a problem arises chuck in a support ticket at the tab called 'support' at the top of the forums. Select the game, date, and then fill the box in with your issue, staff will respond to the ticket but most likely not instant because they usually have quite a few tickets. Have a good time on Ozzy mate
  3. Isaac


    ye so i never did one of these so Hi all
  4. The only reason I voted yes to all is because some people use a 3rd party program to use a crosshair, I am all about no crosshairs but some people 'Just have to have a crosshair'
  5. Explaining the 'FearRP' thing, It was because you had guns pointed at your head ready to shoot you and then you pulled yours out rolled away and then shot em, s i m p l e.
  6. You can fix it also in the fivem info section in ozzy discord https://discord.gg/eu3mQsK Video to fix controller thanks to @Shams747
  7. someone ban this guy, i want to see him go sicko
  8. Isaac


    idk but all i know is that they dont use the introductions section
  9. Isaac

    Hi everyone

    Welcome mate, have a good time
  10. if you want any chance of it you may want to make a proper application, also a fire system in the server would make it even more laggy in a 85 slot server
  11. Isaac


    Yes it is a good idea, but we already have a suggestion
  12. Welcome, Enjoy your time @ OzzyGaming
  13. - In Game Name: Jamie King - Steam Name: Isaac - Discord Name: Isaac#0097 (In Character Questions) - How long have you been on the Island? Just over a month - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.) Previous job working at fishers, resigned due to IRL life and lack of time I had. I usually just drive around and meet other people and chat with them. - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service? I believe I would be suitable for a position at EPS because I am good with dealing with stressful and hostile situations. I am also very familiar with all of the laws, I have also had some training with firearms and tasers. - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line? Agreed - Do you agree to wear a Uniform? Agreed - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work? Agreed
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