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  1. Welcome to the OzzyGaming community Comethazine!
  2. Welcome back buddy, glad to hear you've heard some good things about us!
  3. Hi Schizo, could you forward this issue to the support section and ensure that you have included the plate numbers of your vehicles. Please click the link, https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/, and create a new request. Sorry for the inconvenience, Johnny
  4. Warm welcome @lostmax13! I am glad to see you enjoy Role play as much we do! All the best for your endeavours on the OzzyGaming Server and if you need any help or advice, please feel free to message myself or any of the friendly FiveM Staff.
  5. Welcome mate! Glad to hear you're finding it easy to get along with our friendly community.
  6. Welcome @SerenityLove. Glad to hear you've heard some good things about Ozzy Gaming!
  7. +1 Good idea mate! This would definitely promote role play and give players another avenue to spend their hard earned cash.
  8. Welcome mate! Hope you enjoy your time playing Ozzy Gaming.
  9. Both myself and @Hella Flush are happy to merge our businesses together if this makes the process of deciding easier. @Boss
  10. Thank you for everyone's feedback, I do appreciate it and hopefully, something will happen soon!
  11. +1 Great idea mate, hopefully it gets approved!