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  1. Ugly Dog

  2. Welcome @SerenityLove , Hope to see you in-game and hope you enjoy the community as much as I have
  3. Hey lads and gals, Been playing FiveM on Ozzygaming for about a week now, been enjoying the roleplay and community so much that ive been staying up till 5am some nights just role-playing (Im not addicted), You might of seen me around in Bahama Mama's or recently as a constable on the police force. From New Zealand, 18 Years of age, Really hope I can get to met more regulars and newbies on the server, I regularly browse the forums so I can try help and keep up to date with everything. Also if you are wondering the correct way to pronounce my name is V-LOW, but it doesn't bother me too much Hope to see you lads and gals on TS or FiveM ~ Velo