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  1. Hey Parj, as mentioned above, best chance would be to log a ticket or join the support group on TS. Hope this helps
  2. Hey team, once our subscriptions have been placed is there a time frame on when they will be delivered in game. Just don't want to miss out when my new car and subscription come through. Thanks in advance.
  3. Welcome to the Server, Look forward to seeing you round!
  4. Thank you! Look forward to seeing you also.
  5. Certainly have, looking forward to get back into it, has been a while, I'm sure there is a lot of new things to learn.
  6. Hi everyone, Making a return to FiveM as it has been a while. I have heard some great things about this server and definitely would love to give it a try. I hope to meet you all and enjoy a great time with everyone.
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