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  1. NOTICE OF MOTION FOR SUMMARY DISMISSAL AFFIDAVIT OF Leah Evans 30th June 2021 Filed for NSW Police Force Plaintiff(s) Bill Gambino, Brea Gambino, Dallas Gambino, Georgio Smith, James Kingsington, Gambino Family (ORG). Defendant NSW Police Counsel for the Defendant Leah Evans Counsel for the Plaintiff Aurelius Embershard Grounds for dismissal: To whom it may concern, This case has been stagnant for quite sometime now without any timely response from the appellant, even after speaking with the appellant an
  2. To whom it may concern, Due to Mr Embershard not being present at the assigned court date this case was requested to receive judgement in the appellants absence and the verdict was decided. I'm sure @Maybe will be more than happy to advise the parties involved and the public on the outcome of this case. Kind regards, Leah Evans
  3. NOTICE OF MOTION FOR SUMMARY DISMISSAL AFFIDAVIT OF Leah Evans 27th June 2021 Filed for NSW Police Force Plaintiff(s) Mrs Mona Allen Defendant NSW Police Grounds for dismissal: The plaintiff claims that there was an illegal Search conducted on her person. This claim is false and misleading as the plaintiff was on scene of a major hostage situation, where multiple people had been shooting (police, locals and civilians). This can be proven by the statement given by the Counsel for the Plaintiff indicating that the Pla
  4. Welcome back! Hope you can make some new memories with new people!
  5. Hello and welcome! Hope to see you enjoying the RP here at OzzyGaming! :) Feel free to ask Staff for any help if you need it. Some of the community members are happy to help out new players also!
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