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  1. Hello! My name is lostmax13 (Or, if you want to call me by my real name, it's Ashley (or Ash) either one is fine) - I am an 18 year old male who is living in Queensland, Australia. I am making this post for people to get to know me and how my brain works, as I am a bit different to all of the other officers (I think? lmao) - Firstly, how did I get into the RP servers like this one? Well...I might not be the only one, but Jeff Favignano's videos. First was the LSPDFR videos, then I ended up getting into his online ones he did. I wanted to get onto the servers for so long, and then I found out that FiveM was a free server application that anyone can download. So, I did. And boy am I glad I did, too! Only sad thing, is that the DoJRP server that Jeff and the other people he does videos with is a whitelisted server. So, now I just got to wait and see if applications for it come out any time soon. Okay, so moving on from how I got into the servers. More about me. Firstly, I am a perfectionist. I worry that I will not do something perfect all of the time. Hence why my Tafe work sometimes takes a few hours when I started. I worried it was not going to be perfect. I am like this in game. As I learn, if I make a mistake I will worry that I might get in trouble (Yeah, I am ab it paranoid as well. Not too much, but you know..sometimes it's good to be worried but sometimes it isn't. Ofc if something happens and I need to take action I will do it and just wait to see if anything bad happens. Luckily, nothing bad has happened yet) Another thing that people might need to know with me as an individual and with interacting with me, is that I have Autism. Now that does not mean I will be bad at my police work or anything like that. It just means I might think differently and that sometimes I might do something a bit more out there (Not too out there, ofc. Following within' rules.) Also, with my Autism, I dislike tones in voices. Makes me feel someone is mad or upset with me. Does not mean you cannot be upfront about how you feel with me though. So don't think that >.< - But ofc if it is for in character performance then I guess I'll be fine with it. Not sure. But please do not let these traits of mine get you thinking I am not perfect for a job. I just am different and I wanted people to be aware of my differences ^-^ Alright, if I continued then this would go on for ages. So I shall conclude this introduction here. Excited to meet people out there on patrol and on the streets! ~lostmax13