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  1. +1 should definitely be a new release
  2. omg its the lizard guy
  3. Jester you are excluded from this as you do an amazing job since I'v actually seen you respond, there are also a few others that do but my point is the general majority of the staff team don't.
  4. Ahah and it’s funny because Nz made self conscious jokes about having a cross hair to joke about the people accusing him of having one even though you’d see him head shot people from a roof top on principal bank, definitely not a crosshair right.
  5. I really don't like making posts about this noir do I like complaining but it's a genuine issue that needs fixing, the problem is staff not responding to /reports, if you can check logs you can see the amount of reports I'v made within the past 1-2 months (if your logs date back that far) and you'll see probably only 2 or 3 out of a lot more have ever been actually responded to / dealt with. The only way for me to ever get in contact with staff is to contact them directly or sit in Help Desk for 15-30 minutes (which I can't do if I'm on duty). I am not making this post to aimlessly rant, I just want management to fix this, we recently have had a large influx of new players joining the server and there is a serious amount of rules being broken with no reports being answered. If I was to sit there uploading evidence for every incident that happened and made a support ticket I would be writing them and uploading them all day. Literally all I want is staff to be reachable, it ruins a lot of roleplay scenarios when almost every incident you are involved in the person ends up breaking server rules and you report it and nothing happens.
  6. Side

    NSW Siren Pack

    Will give it a look, ty.
  7. Side

    NSW Siren Pack

    Good sound mod however few things that would help / are current issues. 1. Your weapon sound mod also comes with it which is annoying as I'd like to have a different one 2. The FIB sirens are very quiet / muffled sounding where as the GD sirens sound amazing, could you make the FIB sirens the same as GD or at least fix them 3. the Lenco Bearcat sirens are backwards, the wail is yelp and yelp is wail Just a few things that would help imo.
  8. It should be fair for everyone, give civs crosshairs imo. People are using them already just hiding them with bluetack or whatever, though then again civs do more hostile rp, police only use their weapons when required. On top of the people using overlays / bluetack on their screen and if no one has crosshairs and you get in a gun fight with someone who is using an overlay you're all dead, I think it's just better to give it to all.
  9. yeah breaking people out of jail would be cool like you need to spend 100 seconds which gives cops a chance to respond, idk seems like something cool, other than that amazing update.
  10. Side

    PC Builds

    1070, 16 gig, x99-A MSI motherboard, i7 6800k that I accidently ESDischarged electricity on and it didn't boot up for a month (xd), stock cooler because gamer, 2tb hdd 256 ssd, 60hz 1080p monitor, I don't get good fps on the 56 player servers but on 32 even with a lot of people around I can get 55-65 avg while recording.
  11. Shams what happened to the suspect in the grey vehicle on Elgin Ave?
  12. +1 to Shams, the camry I can't take off without doing a 3 second long skid, if it's raining I use the hilux or evoke lol.
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