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How To Install MVGA Graphics Mod

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Guide on how to install MVGA (Make Visuals Great Again)

Any issues or questions please DM me on discord: Hughesy43#8422

First off start by downloading the mod from here.

Press the MVGA title at the top and then press the download button.

Save it to your desktop for easy access.

Locate your FiveM Application data folder. To find this right click your FiveM application > Properties > Open File Location. Here you will find a folder that looks like this: kJRn2Bm.png

Open up kJRn2Bm.png and navigate to citizen > common > data

Head back over to the MVGA folder you have just downloaded.

In your MVGA folder open - update > update.rpf > common > data.

Copy and paste all of these files inside the data folder into the data folder that you have just opened up in FiveM application Data. It should now appear like this:


Back in the MVGA folder open up, update > update.rpf > x64

Copy and paste the textures folder straight into your FiveM Application Data > citizen > common > data.


You are all complete with the Windows side of the install.

Exit out of the folders and open up FiveM

In Game Settings

Do make sure that these settings are applied in game.

(this will require a mandatory restart of GTA5.)


Shader quality needs to be set on Very High+

Post FX needs to be set on Very High+

Note that you do not have to change any other setting besides the two highlighted.

This is required so that the mod runs properly and can not be skipped.

The mod stock will come with very large rain drops and some might find these annoying so here is how to remove them.

Locate your Open up kJRn2Bm.png and navigate to citizen > common > data > levels > gta5 > weather.

delete any .xml file with the word 'drop'.


Deleting these files will get rid of the ugly large raindrops if you prefer to.

Your all set to play with an awesome new graphics mod!

Again any questions please DM me: Hughesy43#8422

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