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Hey all im new to this community

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Welcome mate!

OzzyGaming is a really awesome community with great servers to be on! We have a very active community with lots of dedicated and regular players who are always keen to help you get started.

Join a server and type in out of character chat (using /ooc) and say you're new and need some help getting started and I'm sure you'll get a response. If not feel free to join the support channels in TeamSpeak using address: ts.ozzy.life - Support and Admins are always available willing to help as well.

Role play can be whatever you want to make it (within server rules and community rules), you can get a job, earn money, buy cars, conduct robberies, join the emergency services and a lot more.

Key things to get you started if you haven't jumped in already:

  • Create your character and model at the airport (we don't use a civilian CAD). You can change clothes whenever you want at clothes stores.
  • Get yourself down to the DMV to get a drivers licence and then the low end car dealer and buy a cheap car to get you around in the meantime - you can buy a nicer car later once you have more money, from a dealership.
  • Go to the Job center and get yourself a job for some passive income. You're then also able to go on duty and do assignments and tasks for your job. Refer here for job guides.
  • Make sure you eat and drink food and keep your levels up or you'll pass out - found at shops. Money can be deposited/withdrawn from banks and ATMs.
  • F1 is your phone, you add contacts, call Police or EMS if they're online and communicate with businesses as well. F2 is your inventory, F3 is your action menu. Tilda Key (` below ESC) is another menu to show ID, toggle vehicle locks, close/open car doors.
  • To use chat press T and then start with any of the following, then your message: /twt message here (to tweet in chat as your character), /ooc message here (for out of character chat), /report message here (to report an issue or concern to admins).
  • Road rules: Red lights, you can stop for 3 seconds and go if its all clear. Normal road speeds 60kmph, country roads 80kmph, freeway 110kmph.
  • Use Z in-game to pull up the tablet for further key bindings, rules etc etc.
  • Be sure to have your voice settings enabled and mic volume turned up and use PTT (push to talk), default button is N.

You'll figure out more along the way the more you play and the more you interact with others. I hope to see you in the servers soon and hope you have a lot of fun!

Maybe apply for EMS, Police or a white listed business if you're thinking about getting into a more serious job within the community!

- Cube

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