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  1. Camping with the lad! ⛺ @Peeeeep


  2. Position applying for: DJ and Bartender

    1. In-Game Character Name: Ryder Maclean

    2. In-Game Age: 26

    3. Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/culturedx/

    4. Backstory of Character (minimum 50 words): Ryder Maclean has grown up with his whole life revolving around listening and producing music. He has worked in different pubs and nightclubs in vice city and has regularly switched roles from bartender and DJ. Ryder moved to vice city after school and has lived there while his parents have lived in San Andreas quite near to the Bahama Mama’s nightclub. He has wanted to move back to San Andreas recently but couldn’t find work and when he was promised work at the Bahama mamas they never opened no matter how many times they said they were going too so this left Ryder stranded.

    5. Any Criminal History: Speeding fines but thats it.

    6: Are you willing to undergo a police check (yes/no): Yes

    7: Why do you want to be a part of Bahama Mamas (minimum 50 words): Hey I’m Ryder Maclean, I’m applying for Bahama Mamas once again after being promised work here for the last 2 months and never actually been given any. I have still been making music and doing small shows at nightclubs in Vice City as I haven’t seen a single one be open around here. Anyway, hopefully the new owners can get this great business started as it has great potential. I am seeking work as a DJ because I have all the equipment to play great quality music and mixtapes and also a bartender because I am friendly and have always wanted to be a bartender.

    8. What can you bring to the team if you're hired: Great music and a friendly staff member.

    9. How much RP time in hours per week can you allow for your role at Bahama Mamas?: 6+

  3. Yeah this is only an introduction to those who don't already know me because i've been on the server I think like 2-3 months now and realised I hadn't done an intro. Hey i'm Wildfire and I mostly roleplay as an EMS (Cody Scorfield) but sometimes play civilian. I am an employee at Bahama Mamas as a DJ and bartender and I am also looking into getting a job around cars (car dealer / mechanic) I think this community is great and am very happy I found it so yeah thanks everyone.
  4. Being an EMS is great!


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