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  1. It will in no way divide the community it will 100% bring the community together to realize that like you said Some people like the casual side and some like the serious, no rdm, RP side of things. You can't sit there and deny the people what they want. We simply want a SAFE place to play with proper RP, If this is not to your liking then feel free to stay where you are,,Its only a divide if you chose to think negative. So have a bit of common sense before just shooting at the hip with very rash comments.
  2. So how did the discussion go then? As it seems like it needs to happen very soon
  3. Yeah after todays hacker, They really do need to implement it asap. There are so many people that just wanna play without the hackers and RDMs.
  4. Seems after talking to some people on Discord a whitelisted server is in the works. I hope it's true.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked of late, But I was wondering if Ozzy will be implementing a serious RP whitelisted server so we can have a serious and rule abiding server. As after 40-50 hrs in the RDMimg and no effort at all put in to the roleplay by some gets a bit much. Still loving the server, but was very curious.
  6. Just wanna say I have thourghly enjoyed my first 20-30 hrs in GTA RP and just wanted to give the admins and all the people who follow the RP in game to make it awesome a BIG shout out. Haven't had this much fun in a game in ages.
  7. Just wanted to say hi
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