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  1. Are you able to log a support ticket please. The apartment will have to be removed via the database. Try put as much information as possible i.e which apartment do you own.
  2. Hi Jimbo, You will need to wait until a car sales person is working. There is a low end car dealership that isn't player run.
  3. Howdy!

    welcome even though you are no stranger
  4. Welcome mate, what is the error message?
  5. Welcome welcome even though we have already RPed together
  6. The Last of Us - highly recommend - the second one I think comes out this year Uncharted series isn't half bad either Tomb Raider series Assassin's Creed's are always my favorite
  7. I listen to anything and everything really. I love my country music though (feeling the look of judgement)
  8. Message me on discord and I'll send you the link. If it doesn't work the log a support ticket
  9. Were you banned? Best to raise a support ticket mate https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/