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G'Day, I'm Russell Coight

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Must've missed this part of the forum lads and ladettes, my bad

Ex-console GTAO player back at release on PS3, then moved onto PC to have a bit fun with modding in SP, took a 2 year brake from it all due to online being infested with RDM/VDM'ers

Came across FIVEM in July-august and haven't played anything else since haha

Most of you old folk know me as El Chapo from JCS, and since then Russell Coight has taken the reigns as a mechanic/shop manager and a 4x4 tour guide, not to mention an all-round problem fixer

Also you will alll soon meet Russel's cousin Mick Dundee whom will be tending to all your needs with his bush healing techniques as an EMS officer

Feel free to stop past for a chat if you see me, specially if you're new to the island I'm more than happy to help out and show you the ropes

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