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Alexis's Court Booking

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Alexis's Court Booking
Application ID #9992
Submitted on 09/09/21 at 03:12:49 AM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
Pitt Langley, Heda Langley
Defendant Name
My Clients:
Pitt Langley
Heda Langley

Known Detectives/ Officers Involved:
Detectives Jackson Main
Other Unknown officers.

On Wednesday the 01st of September 2021 an Armed Robbery took place at a Store in Los Santos CBD.
It is alleged that my client was responsible for this crime.

At approximately 08:00pm on Sunday night the 08th of August 2021 my clients were taken into custody from a public event (Sunshine Autos GoKart Race) 61 Drydock Street, East Los Santos.
The detainment of my clients followed a warrant for the arrest of Pitt Langley, for a crime that took place on Wednesday the 01st of September 2021.

My clients were transported to an "MCD Black Site" where they were questioned up to three (3) hours regarding any involvement in the activities that took place during the aforementioned store robbery.

Case Notes
1. The Warrant is not signed with the time that it was issued.
2. Heda Langley was not included in this warrant and was detained also.
3. No charges were presented to Heda Langley
4. No Alert or communication of the warrant was given to my clients prior to their detainment, either by phone, email, in person or other means.

Purported Evidence
1. The occupants of the store at the time of the robbery were visually identified as being dressed in mouse masks.
2. Other identifiable features could not be made at the time of the crime.
3. A vehicle belonging to Heda Langley had been seen at the scene.
4. This vehicle had been recorded as stolen earlier that day.
(Other details of the crime have not been made public.)

Subpoena Request
1. Evidence used to indict my client including the Body Camera Footage relating to the incident as it was recorded, at the time of the store robbery on Wednesday the 01st of September 2021.

Charges Contested
1. 1x Armed Robbery of a Store
2. 1x Money Laundering

1. Alleged Involvement in the store robbery recorded on the 01st of September 2021.
2. Unwarranted Arrest of Heda Langley and subsequent Interrogation.
3. The public apprehension and detention of Mr Langley prior to a warrant for his arrest being issued.
4. Allegations of Money Laundering

Settlement Sought
1. Armed Robbery and Money Laundering Charges Expunged
2. Compensation for Wrongful Charges of Pitt Langley.
3. Compensation for Wrongful Detention of Heda Langley.

Pending courts decision.

Kind Regards,

Alana Rose
Lawyer DOJ
Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

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